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Monday, December 12, 2011

FIT to be HIRED?

     UN-Fit To Be Hired, for SURE !  

" Mike Everson, a fellow preacher whose friendship has encouraged and lifted me in more ways that I can describe"

Now that statement is disturbing........and we answer " WHO " was behind the GBC INSIDER blog who wanted to continue the current deceptive ways of the GBC leadership.

We intend to expose the writer and who was behind allowing the old guard to continue its deceptive ways. This list of supporters is mind boggling. It was not until the GBC Insider shut down his blog right after John Waters was elected did this start making sense. He wrote articles like the below to make us all think change was needed, when in fact he was trying to keep the old guard in tact, and in fact did! We will repost all articles written and some with all the comments to review and expose this man and others who were behind the campaign to keep those within "the Baptist Mafia " in charge.  Now read what was said by him. This will also expose the issues of others within the GBC. So read on........and comment! We won't delete  your comments unlike some.           Cultbuster, busting these CULTS! 

PT I :
The Georgia Baptist Missions and Ministry Center staff is made up of some incredible men and women of God that seek to serve Christ and His Church. Many of these men and women are incredibly gifted in their areas of service and are true "State Missionaries" for Baptists in Georgia. 

The overwhelming majority of Cooperative Program MISSION dollars are spent on personnel. While taking a hard look at the staffing and hiring practices associated with this missions expenditure there were a couple of issues that presented themselves for review. 

Questionable Hiring Practices
Over the years GBC has prided itself in saying that when hiring staff they look for the most qualified candidates and that the hiring process is free of nepotism. The GBC Personnel Handbook even has a policy against related individuals reporting to or working in the same department as one another. 

However, the GBC employee ranks are filled with family members of the executive leadership. Currently four members of the executive leadership team have family members employed by the GBC. Some serve in administrative areas, others in more prominent roles, and some even hold the contract for the landscape service at the GBC Building. Up until the most recent staff reductions one member of the executive leadership team had a member of his family on the GBC permanent payroll even though she lived and worked in Tennessee.  Are these family members bad employees? Absolutely not. Is the practice of executive leadership hiring family members a questionable practice ? Absolutely. 

Note the DR. in front of Mike Eversons name. This was at John Waters current
church FBC Statesboro. Mike Everson has NO degrees, yet he is a DR.?
These guys will do whatever it takes to lift up their buddies even when it is a LIE!
It is also worth evaluating how consultant and specialist postions within the GBC are filled. Many have asked if candidates are properly vetted and screened before hired or if they are simply hired because they know someone. To be honest there are examples of both in the building. Many departments do a great job of filling vacancies with credible, competent and strategic leaders. But there are just as many questionable hires or promotions that seem to propagate the notion of "you've got to know somebody to get at job at the GBC." There are former Executive Committee chairmen, Administration Committee members and staff members from churches where the executive leadership attend that now serve as state missionaries. Are these state missionaries bad employees? Absolutely not. Is the practice of hiring people based primarily on personal relationships of key leaders a questionable practice? Absolutely. 

Unbalanced Salaries
Many of our state missionaries took a pay cut to come serve on the GBC staff. A base level consultant salary is around $60,000. Employees also receive a benefit package that includes health care, retirement and transportation. Many of our state convention employees left pastorates and other ministry positions that were more financially lucrative to serve Georgia Baptists. For the number of hours and energy that most of our state missionaries put forth, this salary and benefit package appears reasonable. 

It is also understood that as you take on more responsibility and leadership your salary reflects that increase as well. However, when the salaries and benefits of three men total more than $800,000 something seems out of balance. Should executive leadership make a larger salary than others, of course. But shouldn't the Administration Committee have the forethought to keep executive salaries at appropriate and manageable levels. In times of downsizing and layoffs, this unbalanced salary structure can create a real source of tension among those involved in GBC life. 

Why this post? As you finish reading this you may ask why this post is important or necessary. We believe that the hiring and compensation practices of the GBC show a lack of stewardship when it comes to the primary expenditure of Cooperative Program MISSION dollars. Every staff member of the GBC should have a calling to be a missionary to the state of Georgia. When that high calling is reduced to simply a way to earn income, provide a job for family or friends, or viewed as an escape from doing the work of ministry, then the money spent on personnel ceases to be true mission dollars at work. The GBC should set an example in its hiring practices and compensation strategy so that we as Georgia Baptists can say that every dollar spent on a salary is a dollar spent on missions. 

* Some text was REPOSTED from a GBC INSIDER which no longer exist.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Georgia Baptist Convention elects New President. Will attitudes change?


" Mike Everson, a fellow preacher whose friendship has encouraged and lifted me in more ways that I can describe"

WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE at the Georgia Baptist Convention?  


and John, since you shut off your site so quickly  - for some reason  - we have cached copies of all your articles on your blog and just in case you need a fresh reminder of your promises to Ga Baptist * or you do the unthinkable and  BACKTRACK on your words....:)
 Now we will see if Georgia Baptist will really become a HOUSE DIVIDED.

Stay TUNED, because we are BACK!!   

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baptist and the Calvinism CULT. Part I



"On the 27th of June, 1546 an unsigned threatening letter in Genevan dialect was found at the pulpit of St. Pierre Cathedral where John Calvin preached. Suspecting a plot against both the church and the state, the council appointed a commission to investigate. Jacques Gruet, a Genevan member of Favre's group, was arrested and incriminating evidence was found when his house was searched. Under torture, he confessed to several crimes including writing the letter left in the pulpit which threatened God and his ambassadors and endeavoring to subvert church order and with John Calvin's consent, he was beheaded on 26 July 1546.

As you see above, Calvinist hate opposition. We are opposition, AND we know the truth..........

1.Could your church be Calvinistic and you not know it like these two churches  - one in Georgia and Mississippi ? 

2. Is your church in the Calvinistic Church list and you were unaware that your pastor secretly or unknowingly put it there? 

3. Do you  follow the teaching of these men who promote extremism and legalism with the doctrine of men in the past with tainted legacies?  

4. Why does the Southern Baptist Convention allow this doctrine to infiltrate Baptist Churches now? Could it be that is now where the money is?

5. Why is the Georgia Baptist Convention - lead by and supported by J. Robert White - silently allowing Calvinism to sweep across Georgia without any debates among the Baptist membership like putting a huge Calvinist Missionary or Consultant in charge of over 900+ churches in South Georgia? Could it be because they do not know? 

Ok, for all you Baptist haters and Pastors who will say this is "of the devil"  - you do not scare me. I too am a true believer in Jesus Christ and am a true follower of  Christ and his life. I believe in the Bible and am a disciple of Christ. His story has been modified and ruined by men! Your "Discipline" and " Power Hold " tactics do not work on those of us who have common sense and have backbones.

Now with that said, we aim to expose CALVINISM  in simple terms so everyone can understand, battle this CULT, and meet it head on before it takes a hold.............

They don't want you to know or fully understand what they are trying to teach you. They deny they are even involved in this CULT activity. They say they are NOT Calvinist, but we intend on enlightening you so you know that what is coming from Louisville, Kentucky and beyond is not of GOD. They try desperately to keep this information I am about to expose from entering your mind by using the Bible and its passages to configure a picture beyond true Biblical principles and teaching. If you really study what I am about to explain, you will see through the fake doctrine and man following that these leaders and their disciple are now pushing. It is all about Power and Wealth while using GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Bible as the "Marketing and /or Sales Product". As they have been trained in Seminaries and Legalistic Schools, many of these men act as if they really care for you, but in reality they really do not care for your souls and eternal path. Don't believe me - just ask them to help you, they will almost always send you to someone else or ignore you. If you ever cross them, they will attempt to silence you just as those men whom they study their doctrine did. You will see many examples of how their "Heroes" in the past silenced and "disciplined" their opposition and the "Calvinista's"  hate opposition!   Now I will show you step by step how they have learned and been taught how to manipulate you as human beings. Just take it slowly and study what I am about to teach you. However, please remember this - you can not ride a pastor, preacher, disciple, or anyone claiming to be "Gods Man" and his coattail into heaven - so please jump off for a while, study what I post and see if it makes sense. At the end of Part IIII, I will summarize all of my post if it is too much to take in. 

In this 4 Part series, I will try and do very simple "What is Calvinism" explanations of what this false doctrine and "Man Following" movement is all about. Let me say in the beginning a couple of things. 

First, I must confess I am NOT a great "technical" or "in depth" writer so you must excuse what and how I post some of my comments. I am just trying to get a message out and make it as easy as possible for ALL of you who want to really know and to understand concerning what I see is a CULT -  and WHY. I will always try and keep it simple for readers to understand. I will have links highlighted and you should read each post I have linked in order to gain further knowledge and read some of my proof concerning this CULT, and then make your own conclusions.  There has already been some excellent and informative information posted on the Internet and there is no need to rewrite the book. All I have done is simplify the research for you. I will explain later. This will take some time on your part to study and comprehend, so be prepared.

Second, this DOES NOT include ALL Baptist and /or their churches. There are some leaders ( these leaders know who they are) who are fighting this movement silently, but have yet to take a loud and courageous stand against those within the Baptist Conventions who are now slowly and silently moving Baptist towards the goals of past "Men in Sin" with their doctrines written to mislead the current church into "Pastor Lead and Pastor Fed" gatherings.  I call it CULT Lead and CULT Fed.  Many of the Calvinistic movement leaders (NOT ALL) are listed below in my Baptist Beware article.  These guys are either true and confessed Calvinist or follow and hang out with those who are confessed Calvinist. The 9Marks crowd, lead by many well know speakers and  Executive Director Mark Dever - who speaks what the originator and their Saint of RHETORIC intended - is well known as Calvinist or Reformed Baptist. If you want to know how the Calvinist and Mark Dever recruit, go here and here and read his recruiting interview. Sound familiar? It should! Remember Jonestown and Jim Jones? They too thought it was alright to "Follow a Man" and HIS teachings and we all know how that turned out. Again, I am NOT saying all results are the same, but tactics to enhance personal power and wealth is abundant, alive, and well within the Baptist Mafia.  

 Many of you, just like me, had NO idea what Calvinism meant or what it is about or why Calvinism has exploded on the scene recently. I will try and direct you on the right paths to research for yourself what this counterfeit cult religion is now pushing within Baptist churches from extremist and legalistic Pastors and in the face of unknowing Baptist and true Christ followers.     

( remember, read or hit the highlighted text to read context )
Now in the beginning......
Do these Calvinistic Baptist follow a Hedonist, believer in babies being sprinkled, A Fornicator, a Roman Catholic, and one of their Saints and HIS teachings?  Is this where they got their "disciplining" incentives? 

........."As a youth Augustine lived a hedonistic lifestyle for a time, associating with young men who boasted of their experience with the opposite sex and urged the inexperienced boys, like Augustine, to seek out experiences with women or to make up stories about experiences in order to gain acceptance and avoid ridicule. At a young age, he began an affair with a young woman in Carthage. She was his lover for over thirteen years and gave birth to his son Adeodatus.......

 Yes! it is true and here is proof. Who is Saint Augustine or  aka Augustine of Hippo.  It all started way back in earlier times ( November 13, 354 – August 28, 430 ) This is the guy that John Calvin - the leader of the Calvinism movement -  based  a lot of his beliefs on.  ( More to come on John Calvin in PART II so do not study him just yet. Just stay with it..... and we will get you those answers to John Calvin in due time! ) This is just the starting point. It is amazing how these Baptist Calvinist slam Catholicism in the pulpits, yet now have bought into their Doctrines, Actions, and Leadership ways from the past....Baptist Buffet....Amazing!


Who is John Calvin?

What is  "Reformed Baptist"

What are the Five Points or T U L I P of Calvinism?

History of Protestantism  

Protestant Reformation 

THE Teaching of  "Rhetoric"
Total Depravity 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Questions for J. Robert White, South Ga Baptist Churches, The Christian Index, and the Georgia Baptist Convention!

The Propaganda GBC paper run by J Robert White and Gerald Harris originally reported and covered up that their fellow employee & friend Mike Everson was a graduate of the institutions mentioned below in their retraction article.  It was not until it was exposed on the internet by two well known Georgia bloggers, who via a website and emails demanded a "retraction of the lie and coverup thereafter," - and in our opinion - in writing the article originally in January 2008 the paper acted to deceive the Baptist denomination.  This announcement of his position was originally placed in the paper as a huge deal. The retraction on May 2009 was a forced move and they were made to do this correction because of truths and investigative work by the bloggers in which Mr Harris was presented with the actual facts and circumstances and proof.  In what was an obvious attempt to lift Mike Everson to a higher level of education than he had actually earned for the eyes and ears of the Georgia Baptist world, it was only after the continued pressure from websites and others with facts and knowledge that Gerald Harris, J Robert White, and the Christian Index Propaganda Baptist paper finally corrected the lie and after months of demands the paper finally correctly reported that Mike Everson, in fact, had NOT graduated from any seminaries,  institutions, or colleges and according to sources-              
he still hasn't!  ( but at least he did graduate from Valdosta High School )

Now what about the sons and all the disciples?

Read the actual archived Christian Index articles ( both the lie and retracted one ) below;.

Here above is the article (click on image to enlarge )  before they were forced to do a retraction by the Ga Bloggers. You will note it says he was a "graduate" of the 3 institutions vs "attended".  Below is the forced retraction / correction.  Editor Gerald Harris said :" He didn't know and just made a mistake"....Yeah right!
In TRUTHS, There is a difference!


Now what about the sons and all the disciples?

Read more on the Pray's Mill and the Mike Everson issue in the below column;

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baptist " BEWARE" List.

Ok so far here is the list of Pastor whom we have heard issues about. We will have many stories on these and others as time goes on. We have already heard of many CULT like issues within this bunch and are investigating and even have stories "on hold." I will expose these soon, so stay tuned.

Now, the list of "Men" and Pharisees to beware of ! IF we left you off, ( or know one who needs to be on this list) please let us know. 

We all know you are who you "run" with and many of these men want it kept a secret who they "RUN" with. Well no more secrets here at CULTBUSTER!
J Robert White, Gerald Harris, Mac Brunson, Jerry Sutton, Ronnie Floyd, Mark Driscoll, Johnny Hunt, Bucky Kennedy, Terry Braswell, Chad Everson, Jarrod Everson, Herb Revis, Sam Cathey, Bill Sturm, Rick Coram, Sam Wood, Mike Stone, Wayne Robertson, Bob Pitman, Clay Cox, Ric Blazi, Wayne Hamrick, Wayne Bray, Danny Akins, Tim Rodgers, Chip Thornton, Rusty Newman, Josh Buice, Steve Gaines, Don Hattaway, Tony Dickerson, Frank Cox, Jeff Laborg, Fred Evers, Ergun Caner, Emir Caner, Ed Young Jr. Gene Wolfenbarger, Thom Rainer, Steve Furtick, Gary Morton, Jeff Summers, Danny Watters, David King, William Harrell (the Ga Blog instigator 1 ), Albert Mohler, Marcus Merritt, Ray Newman, Vance Pitman, David Barker, Michael Catt, Dan Spencer, Ernie Jones, Jim Perdue, John Darsey, Russell Moore, Kevin Ezell, Mark Dever, Grant Etheridge, Barry McCarthy, Jim Duggan, Rodney Autry, Bob Halstead, Harris Malcom, Jeff Ford, Tommy Fountain, Joel Southerland, Jimmy Baughcum, Ben Smith, Ken Whitten, David Platt, Tony Workman, Jeremy Morton, Mike Dorough, Michael Wilkes, Chuck Betters, Bruce Weeks, Jeff Stockdale, Jeff Carter, Justin Kirksey, Larry Wynn, Barry McCarty,  Jerry Vines, Russell Moore, Matt Stacy, Perry Noble, Alan Folsom, Keith Chandler, Kevin Cuthertson, Mike Williams, Bobby Boswell,  Jack M. Redfearn Jr, Clifford Palmer, Herman Parker, David Tew, Fred Overton, and lastly and without a SHADOW OF A DOUBT... Mike Everson..........and JUST ADDED JOHN WATERS, 

Updated additions Oct 2014: Greg Love,

Update: Mark Dever and his 9Marks group - Josh Buice, Ric Blazi, and Chad Everson and others are enrolled as a 9MARKS church which we believe and in our opinion is now a Hyper - Calvinist group. Whether or not they are a CULT or not is undetermined and still being watched and listened to so the truth can be told, but we believe it is fast approaching that dubious title.

Saturday, February 19, 2011





I have seen and heard way to much lately concerning men who now use the ministry to manipulate the masses. As I begin this quest to help others within the "BLOGGING ZONE"  I first want to get started by giving some of my basic thoughts on CULTS. I will get personal later concerning WHO I consider as major CULT leaders within organizations, such as the Baptist and other denominations. In my opinion, Baptist have taken the lead roll now and are using the Bible, GOD, Jesus Christ, and peoples weak minds to gain personally just to form their their own little personal cult community without any direction or correction from denominational leaders.  

I will expand later on my views and this is just a starting point, so just keep reading this site because brothers and sisters, I intend to BUST some CULTS and their leaders! But for now here we go............... Remember this site is only an opinion of the "CULTBUSTER". BUT I DO KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! In the beginning...........

                                             The Warning signs! 


This is NOT complete, just a beginning thought.........  YOU CAN MAKE YOUR ADDITIONS IN  THE COMMENT SECTION.

Anyone could attack a group they disagree with by unfairly labeling it a destructive cult. How would you know whether it really were such a cult or not? Isn't there an objective method to evaluate groups for cultic tendencies? Yes. The following early warning signs can help you reasonably determine whether or not a group is likely to be a destructive cult, and if you should be concerned about a friend, coworker, or loved one being involved with it.

The main reason that the following destructive cult tactics are so damaging to both the individual and society is because they debilitate rationality and reduce empathy. Rationality and empathy are indispensable in making good personal and social decisions. History is littered with personal and social catastrophes where a lack of rationality and lack of empathy were its core causes.

Ask yourself if the following criteria apply to the group you are concerned about.

  1. A destructive cult tends to be totalitarian in its control of its members' behavior. Cults are likely to dictate in great detail not only what members believe, but also what members wear and eat, when and where members work, sleep, and bathe, and how members think, speak, and conduct familial, marital, or sexual relationships.
  2. A destructive cult tends to have an ethical double standard. Members are urged to be obedient to the cult, to carefully follow cult rules. They are also encouraged to be revealing and open in the group, confessing all to the leaders. On the other hand, outside the group they are encouraged to act unethically, manipulating outsiders or nonmembers, and either deceiving them or simply revealing very little about themselves or the group. In contrast to destructive cults, honorable groups teach members to abide by one set of ethics and act ethically and truthfully to all people in all situations.
  3. A destructive cult has only two basic purposes: recruiting new members and fund-raising. Altruistic movements, established religions, and other honorable groups also recruit and raise funds. However, these actions are incidental to an honorable group's main purpose of improving the lives of its members and of humankind in general. Destructive cults may claim to make social contributions, but in actuality such claims are superficial and only serve as gestures or fronts for recruiting and fund-raising. A cult's real goal is to increase the prestige and often the wealth of the leader.
  4. A destructive cult appears to be innovative and exclusive. The leader claims to be breaking with tradition, offering something novel, and instituting the ONLY viable system for change that will solve life's problems or the world's ills. But these claims are empty and only used to recruit members who are then surreptitiously subjected to mind control to inhibit their ability to examine the actual validity of the claims of the leader and the cult.
  5. A destructive cult is authoritarian in its power structure. The leader is regarded as the supreme authority. He or she may delegate certain power to a few subordinates for the purpose of seeing that members adhere to the leader's wishes. There is no appeal outside his or her system to a greater system of justice. For example, if a schoolteacher feels unjustly treated by a principal, an appeal can be made to the superintendent. In a destructive cult, the leader claims to have the only and final ruling on all matters.
  6. A destructive cult's leader is a self-appointed messianic person claiming to have a special mission in life. For example, only the leaders can save them from Hell with his message and direction for a certain group or that he is "called" or "lead"p.
  7. A destructive cult's leader centers the veneration of members upon himself or herself. Cult leaders, in contrast, keep the focus of love, devotion, and allegiance on themselves.
  8. A destructive cult's leader tends to be determined, domineering, and charismatic. Such a leader effectively persuades followers to abandon or alter their families, friends, and careers to follow the cult. The leader then takes control over followers' possessions, money, time, and lives unknowing to the member by using GOD or the BIBLE as the tool to gain trust and control.
If you know someone who belongs to a group that demonstrates a significant number of these warning signs or mind control LET US KNOW....

Friday, February 18, 2011


      "Its a bird, its a plane, it's....Cult Buster! Entering the "Blogging Zone!"