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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trinity Baptist Church lead by Pastor Chad Everson and others to receive Lawsuit for alleged NEGLECTING MEMBERS SAFETY!

Trinity Baptist Church in Southaven Mississippi lead by Chad Everson, SON OF MIKE EVERSON AND BROTHER OF JARROD EVERSON, has had a lawsuit filed against several staff members and against the church for allegedly NEGLECTING CHURCH MEMBERS safety! A Choir member has been almost totally disabled for years and according to their attorney Robert Ramsey from the office of Huey Law Firm LLC  in Mobile Alabama the lawsuit has been filed this week for issues within this church against Chad Everson, Jeff Summers, Jon Rushing and Trinity Baptist in Southaven MS.! 

It is has been reported that the church and its insurance company only offered pennies on the dollar for said injuries, which was expectantly rejected!  Several past members and former acquaintances have reported that this is the " typical "  Everson tactic he uses to cover mistakes and that this is now the THIRD church in which he has destroyed as a Pastor!  But everyone who knows the Everson's expect them and all those Baptist Mafia supporters to     "deny, deny, deny " and to say things as stated in the past such as ~ and as usual ~ that

  " they did nothing wrong, its other peoples fault, and the lawsuit is of the devil! "

Think Chad Everson is pondering how his daddy will get him out of this mess? Will he try to run like his daddy Mike Everson ( The Ministerial Resource Consultant for the Georgia Baptist Convention overseeing 900+ churches in the Swamps of South Ga) and his brother Jarrod Everson ( Pastor at Deenwood Baptist Church in Waycross, Ga and EXPOSED PORN Viewer ) did to the Swamps of South Georgia?  

Chad Everson and his Staff from CHURCH Website: 43% of THIS CHURCH Staff are involved in a LAWSUIT!


*UPDATE #2 : JANUARY 27TH 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who is Gene Wolfenbarger? What is this building called "The Gathering" about?

Another Tennessee pastor alleged to be running a CULT?.........let's investigate, Gene Wolfenbarger in Sevierville TN. 

From a website POST:

" ...It has been almost a year and never has the church addressed the financial concerns of it's members. Sounds like they care about the people. I have never met another pastor that you have to talk to everyone else but he wont talk to you. He doesn't have time for his people, he doesn't care about anything other than your tithe and where it has been if you were not there. The Gathering Church is not about people, no where else can you email and call staff and have them ignore you and tell you repeated that they forgot, you do not forget about people if you are about THEM. truth is they are on eggshells constantly worrying about Gene Wolfenbarger. Gene Wolfenbarger is an overbearing man who demands things done for him. all this about a salary and Italian loafers, expensive cars and pools? Jesus walked as a humble man. A true servant, not demanding to be served. Jesus said i do not have a place to lay my head and Gene Wolfenbarger brags about how expensive his stuff is. Think about who Jesus was and is, is that anything like the pastor at the Gathering church in Sevierville? I think no. Is Gene wolfenbarger a man that resembles Jesus, I think no. Be careful following a man like that because you will become like what you follow. Please Dear God let them see the light before we have a community or narcissistic Gene Wolfenbargers walking around Sevierville. "

It has come to our attention that this man Gene Wolfenbarger may indeed be a "wolf" in sheeps clothing. We investigate, report and you decide.

Here are what some are saying about "The Gathering" on TOPIX:

Here are his sides of his ministry story and current twitter postings:

and what he says on twitter:

BUT.......We do know this already, Tennessee YOU have a problem!  He is great friends and / or followers of Ed Young, Ergun Caner, Eddie Long, T D Jakes, Albert Mohler, John Piper, Danny Akins, Ronnie Floyd, Oprah Winfrey, Tullian Tchividjian and many other known deceptive and "wolfs" within the ministry and beyond. Plus he calls himself a DR and our question is from which diploma mill?