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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Morningside Pastor Wayne Robertson allegedly caught red handed Plagiarizing!

Pastor Wayne Robertson allegedly busted for Plagiarism of Red Stedman and others sermon materials plus... many other church ethics and financially related issues!

Morningside Baptist Church Pastor of 26+ years allegedly caught Plagiarizing at his church in Valdosta, Ga.  

         Definition of "Plagiarize" from Websters Dictionary:

transitive verb:
to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (another's production) without crediting the source

intransitive verb:
 to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source

From church members:

"Something's wrong when a man can "read" another man's sermon for 4 years near word-for-word, deceiving his flock, not doing the work he is supposed to do as a pastor (study to preach to his people), lie about it and the flock is THRASHED for talking about it. Not to mention that he was approached privately in January 2011 and did nothing to change."  

" I am a recovering brainwashed MBC Kool-Aid drunk. I was deceived for over 15 by Wayne Robertson and regime. I can remember time after time when music ministers and church members had a sin that was exposed how they were treated and then banished. There was no grace and mercy for them".

Will it ever be the same?  AND....Where did he get his DR. title?


" ah...the Grace house...that MBC built for Wayne and Beth's lavish life style....thank you MBC members for that...really...every member ought to go spend the night in the house they bought...did you know that years ago someone bought brand new furniture and donated it to Wayne for his church office?? It was over 10,000.00 dollars worth..for his "Church office"...well it was conveniently moved to the "Grace House" and 10,000.00 dollars worth of new furniture was bought for his office at the church...guess who paid for got it!!! Thanks MBC Tithers...and by the way..thanks for being sensitive to the spirit of Wayne when he gave all those sobbing stories from the pulpit that he was just not going to build his "Grace" house until he had his car paid off (thanks Tithers) and the lot completely paid for (again thanks Tithers) you really bought in ...hook line and sinker...but praise God...they have a wonderful "Grace " House to lavish........" Comment from Blog poster.

Mike Everson ~  the Spiritual Abuse pastor from the Georgia Baptist Convention whom we busted ~ and his buddy Gerald Harris  whom we busted too (  was busted for falsely publishing and forced to retract a story which stated  Mike Everson had graduated from 3 colleges and or seminaries when he had not  ) from the Christian Index propaganda paper and is the Editor. Both have run to his rescue, or is it to his "destruction?"........... Guess the DR. title really makes him special.   We have this current Southern Baptist Executive Committee member, former Georgia Baptist Conventions President and Administrations / Executive committee member  ( plus many more positions)  story. 

From an email : Gossip is WRONG, but calling SIN, SIN has never been wrong. It is one of the most loving things you can do to another brother/sister in the Lord." 

Everson, White, Harris, Robertson - some of the most powerful in GA. and we have busted them ALL.......If Baptist pastors don't have the backbone to expose bad apples and won't prune the vines, we will! ..........more exposing to come!
                Story coming in via Comments ~ read them!