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Monday, December 12, 2011

FIT to be HIRED?

     UN-Fit To Be Hired, for SURE !  

" Mike Everson, a fellow preacher whose friendship has encouraged and lifted me in more ways that I can describe"

Now that statement is disturbing........and we answer " WHO " was behind the GBC INSIDER blog who wanted to continue the current deceptive ways of the GBC leadership.

We intend to expose the writer and who was behind allowing the old guard to continue its deceptive ways. This list of supporters is mind boggling. It was not until the GBC Insider shut down his blog right after John Waters was elected did this start making sense. He wrote articles like the below to make us all think change was needed, when in fact he was trying to keep the old guard in tact, and in fact did! We will repost all articles written and some with all the comments to review and expose this man and others who were behind the campaign to keep those within "the Baptist Mafia " in charge.  Now read what was said by him. This will also expose the issues of others within the GBC. So read on........and comment! We won't delete  your comments unlike some.           Cultbuster, busting these CULTS! 

PT I :
The Georgia Baptist Missions and Ministry Center staff is made up of some incredible men and women of God that seek to serve Christ and His Church. Many of these men and women are incredibly gifted in their areas of service and are true "State Missionaries" for Baptists in Georgia. 

The overwhelming majority of Cooperative Program MISSION dollars are spent on personnel. While taking a hard look at the staffing and hiring practices associated with this missions expenditure there were a couple of issues that presented themselves for review. 

Questionable Hiring Practices
Over the years GBC has prided itself in saying that when hiring staff they look for the most qualified candidates and that the hiring process is free of nepotism. The GBC Personnel Handbook even has a policy against related individuals reporting to or working in the same department as one another. 

However, the GBC employee ranks are filled with family members of the executive leadership. Currently four members of the executive leadership team have family members employed by the GBC. Some serve in administrative areas, others in more prominent roles, and some even hold the contract for the landscape service at the GBC Building. Up until the most recent staff reductions one member of the executive leadership team had a member of his family on the GBC permanent payroll even though she lived and worked in Tennessee.  Are these family members bad employees? Absolutely not. Is the practice of executive leadership hiring family members a questionable practice ? Absolutely. 

Note the DR. in front of Mike Eversons name. This was at John Waters current
church FBC Statesboro. Mike Everson has NO degrees, yet he is a DR.?
These guys will do whatever it takes to lift up their buddies even when it is a LIE!
It is also worth evaluating how consultant and specialist postions within the GBC are filled. Many have asked if candidates are properly vetted and screened before hired or if they are simply hired because they know someone. To be honest there are examples of both in the building. Many departments do a great job of filling vacancies with credible, competent and strategic leaders. But there are just as many questionable hires or promotions that seem to propagate the notion of "you've got to know somebody to get at job at the GBC." There are former Executive Committee chairmen, Administration Committee members and staff members from churches where the executive leadership attend that now serve as state missionaries. Are these state missionaries bad employees? Absolutely not. Is the practice of hiring people based primarily on personal relationships of key leaders a questionable practice? Absolutely. 

Unbalanced Salaries
Many of our state missionaries took a pay cut to come serve on the GBC staff. A base level consultant salary is around $60,000. Employees also receive a benefit package that includes health care, retirement and transportation. Many of our state convention employees left pastorates and other ministry positions that were more financially lucrative to serve Georgia Baptists. For the number of hours and energy that most of our state missionaries put forth, this salary and benefit package appears reasonable. 

It is also understood that as you take on more responsibility and leadership your salary reflects that increase as well. However, when the salaries and benefits of three men total more than $800,000 something seems out of balance. Should executive leadership make a larger salary than others, of course. But shouldn't the Administration Committee have the forethought to keep executive salaries at appropriate and manageable levels. In times of downsizing and layoffs, this unbalanced salary structure can create a real source of tension among those involved in GBC life. 

Why this post? As you finish reading this you may ask why this post is important or necessary. We believe that the hiring and compensation practices of the GBC show a lack of stewardship when it comes to the primary expenditure of Cooperative Program MISSION dollars. Every staff member of the GBC should have a calling to be a missionary to the state of Georgia. When that high calling is reduced to simply a way to earn income, provide a job for family or friends, or viewed as an escape from doing the work of ministry, then the money spent on personnel ceases to be true mission dollars at work. The GBC should set an example in its hiring practices and compensation strategy so that we as Georgia Baptists can say that every dollar spent on a salary is a dollar spent on missions. 

* Some text was REPOSTED from a GBC INSIDER which no longer exist.