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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baptist " BEWARE" List.

Ok so far here is the list of Pastor whom we have heard issues about. We will have many stories on these and others as time goes on. We have already heard of many CULT like issues within this bunch and are investigating and even have stories "on hold." I will expose these soon, so stay tuned.

Now, the list of "Men" and Pharisees to beware of ! IF we left you off, ( or know one who needs to be on this list) please let us know. 

We all know you are who you "run" with and many of these men want it kept a secret who they "RUN" with. Well no more secrets here at CULTBUSTER!
J Robert White, Gerald Harris, Mac Brunson, Jerry Sutton, Ronnie Floyd, Mark Driscoll, Johnny Hunt, Bucky Kennedy, Terry Braswell, Chad Everson, Jarrod Everson, Herb Revis, Sam Cathey, Bill Sturm, Rick Coram, Sam Wood, Mike Stone, Wayne Robertson, Bob Pitman, Clay Cox, Ric Blazi, Wayne Hamrick, Wayne Bray, Danny Akins, Tim Rodgers, Chip Thornton, Rusty Newman, Josh Buice, Steve Gaines, Don Hattaway, Tony Dickerson, Frank Cox, Jeff Laborg, Fred Evers, Ergun Caner, Emir Caner, Ed Young Jr. Gene Wolfenbarger, Thom Rainer, Steve Furtick, Gary Morton, Jeff Summers, Danny Watters, David King, William Harrell (the Ga Blog instigator 1 ), Albert Mohler, Marcus Merritt, Ray Newman, Vance Pitman, David Barker, Michael Catt, Dan Spencer, Ernie Jones, Jim Perdue, John Darsey, Russell Moore, Kevin Ezell, Mark Dever, Grant Etheridge, Barry McCarthy, Jim Duggan, Rodney Autry, Bob Halstead, Harris Malcom, Jeff Ford, Tommy Fountain, Joel Southerland, Jimmy Baughcum, Ben Smith, Ken Whitten, David Platt, Tony Workman, Jeremy Morton, Mike Dorough, Michael Wilkes, Chuck Betters, Bruce Weeks, Jeff Stockdale, Jeff Carter, Justin Kirksey, Larry Wynn, Barry McCarty,  Jerry Vines, Russell Moore, Matt Stacy, Perry Noble, Alan Folsom, Keith Chandler, Kevin Cuthertson, Mike Williams, Bobby Boswell,  Jack M. Redfearn Jr, Clifford Palmer, Herman Parker, David Tew, Fred Overton, and lastly and without a SHADOW OF A DOUBT... Mike Everson..........and JUST ADDED JOHN WATERS, 

Updated additions Oct 2014: Greg Love,

Update: Mark Dever and his 9Marks group - Josh Buice, Ric Blazi, and Chad Everson and others are enrolled as a 9MARKS church which we believe and in our opinion is now a Hyper - Calvinist group. Whether or not they are a CULT or not is undetermined and still being watched and listened to so the truth can be told, but we believe it is fast approaching that dubious title.