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Thursday, August 23, 2012

REPOSTED: Pray's Mill Baptist Church officially confirms and admits to Mike Everson's Spiritual Abuse actions while he was Pastor!

Make sure you read both pages below C A R E F U L L Y and spread the word.

"If this makes you mad Everson's and all your disciples..... .....I'll be O.K." thanks Chad

Mike Everson exposed for Spiritual Abuse
In a service at Pray's Mill Baptist Church in Douglasville Georgia Sunday February 28th 2011 by the current pastor Josh Buice, Pastor Mike Everson, the former Pastor of Pray's Mill Baptist Church, Chairman of the Georgia Baptist Convention powerful Executive Committee, Interim Pastor of First Baptist Church in Hazlehurst GA., and current Ministerial Resource Consultant  - recently renamed Missionary to Southern Georgia - actions were condemned by the Deacons and current Pastor and Everson disciple, Josh Buice. Many Members who were Spiritually Abused at Pray's Mill during Mike Everson's tenure were officially apologized to and it was acknowledged that his actions were demonic like to each of the members one by one and it was officially announced that the actions against them by the former Pastor were in deed WRONG!   The service was built up as a reconciliation service, but was used to say that many former members were done wrong in the past by Mike Everson and his discipled Deacons and that this man and the church were sorry for their actions.

Word is that the only reason the service was agreed to to begin with was to shut down a couple of websites that were still being read and that were exposing past issues against Josh Buice, Ga Baptist Convention - Robert White and Gerald Harris, Pray's Mill, Chad Everson, Jarrod Everson, Clay Cox, Ric Blazi, David Barker, Mike Everson and many of their disciples. I am told that those sites may be going back up soon, very soon.

Deacons of Pray's Mill Baptist Church stated during many meetings that they were only    " following their Pastor" and his directions and instructions and were only doing as they were "told". There were many more situations of Mike Everson and his disciples Spiritually Abusing other members that we will report on later.  

I guess these kinds of actions are what the Calvinistic Baptist are now pushing when they say they want their churches to be " Pastor Lead - Pastor Fed. " In our view, Baptist churches, especially with this Georgia Baptist Convention "missionary" now overseeing 900+ churches in Middle and South Ga., are now becoming... " Cult Lead, Cult Fed "

Members, former members, Pastors, and leaders within the State of Ga. now all understand that the actions of this man against many members and their families was in error. MANY were appalled that Mike Everson was was so arrogant that he failed to even write an note, send an apology letter, or even attend the service.

Robert White speaks while his employee, Mike Everson ( back left ), sits in background.
Now, It is being reported that the Georgia Baptist Convention Executive Director Robert White spoke at a service at Prays' Mill the following Monday night  on "Missions".  CultBuster's question is............WHAT? You have got to be kidding me. A week after he (Josh Buice) apologizes - with stipulations which I will report on in a future post - he allows this man who has hired Mike Everson to " Consult  and Train " pastors in South Ga. area and now knowing that his actions were not Biblical, to speak at a service? Sounds like a slap in the face to those who were done wrong by these Pharisees. 

So a few days ago a disciple of Mike Everson, Josh Buice, apologizes for Spiritual Abuse by an employee of the Georgia Baptist Convention, and the next week they are patting the Spiritual Abuse harbormaster on the back. Hmmmm......

Sounds hypocritical and CULT like to me!    CULTBUSTER will have more to post later as there is more - much more -  to this story!  I question why this Pastor wants to keep an apology such a "private" matter when it is was done in a "public" setting and forum.  Hmmmmmm, I will also have much more to say on this "suhhhh" attitude and Josh Buice not wanting the service exposed to the Baptist world.  I have some of the real scoop so - Stay Tuned!

And so Trinity Baptist in Mississippi, Deenwood Baptist in Georgia,(JUST ADDED) MORNINGSIDE BAPTIST in Valdosta Ga, and ALL you South Georgia Pastors and Baptist members who are pushed by the Georgia Baptist Convention and others to listen and be under this deceptive man - there ya have it.....A church having to apologize for actions of an Everson. This should be a huge wake up call to your church because we all know that with the Everson's and his disciples it is..........


Like Father, Like Sons!

This Just in via email....It has been reported he was an Interim Pastor at First Baptist Church in Quitman GA. - but  he recently took a position of Interim Pastor at First Baptist Church in Hazlehurst Ga. Ya think someone needs to know this information in Hazlehurst GA. concerning Everson's history and legacy?  We do!
                   As of August 23rd, 2012 ...........

The worst part to date is, he has YET to apologize to any or all of those that he "Spiritually Abused" and fails to accept responsibility for HIS actions.  But he remain a consultant to other Pastors and tells them how to handle "conflicts." 

And the Georgia Baptist Convention wonders why their finances are so strained........Make sure your church STOPS giving their members hard earned CO-OP dollars to the G B C. Designate your tithes!! PAYCHECKS and their BENEFIT packages are the only thing they care about ~ supporting Spiritual Abusers and their buddies internally is now at 62% of budget.....   

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shhhhhh, Pastor Wayne Robertson quiets Morningside Baptist members to his alleged Plagiarism issue.


For Past articles on Wayne's issue go here and here

Read article here and story from

So why has Morningside Baptist Church members and Wayne Robertson, former Georgia Baptist Convention and current GBC president John Waters nominator, ignored his PLAGIARISM issue? In the SECULAR world where anything goes, a media giant suspends a reporter for his cheating feat, but if you have a highly back patted flying decorated paid BAPTIST pastor within the Georgia Baptist Convention and Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee Member....shhhhhhh, Don't tell anyone or admit faults. Deny, Deny, Deny is the motto and fight song.

Is it all about the dollar and benefits? We think so! 

"This is the second journalistic integrity incident with which The New Yorker has been associated in the past two weeks, as contributor Jonah Lehrer resigned his position after being caught making up quotes in an upcoming book about Bob Dylan."

From Time management concerning his "Cheating".....
“TIME accepts Fareed’s apology, but what he did violates our own standards for our columnists, which is that their work must not only be factual but original; their views must not only be their own but their words as well. As a result, we are suspending Fareed’s column for a month, pending further review.”


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wayne Robertson "lifted up" by Baptist after being EXPOSED!


June 25, 2012 BLOG POST from a CURRENT member of his church:

" I am a member of this church. I've read the entire blog. I have heard wayne from the pulpit state if you can't trust me fire me. Can any one trust him now? He has shown himself to be a liar and a cheat. The comment re: can't trust me was made in reference to the budget and where the money goes. I know of several members have asked to see the budget and he refused. He has stated MANY times if you don't like it leave and so has Sam and Bill. Two staff mbrs were fired due to sexual inmorality but Sam, who was arrested in Atl for soliciting was allowed to fill the pulpit. Wayne has reportedly stated that he would be alright even if 100 people left the church. This shows me exactly where his heart is and where his interest lies. His thing, my opinion, is power and control. He should resign but he want. He'll ride the storm out - I love you church family and you love me - and it will be business as usual. You are welcome." 

WAYNE ROBERTSON tells SBC attendees... 
God will not only help persecuted pastors on the judgment day,...............             

 "One of the things you need to review is, why are you in the work?"


Another high flying Baptist pastor who has been exposed for issue within his ministry has been given the stage to deny any wrong doings and make others think he is "spotless" and tells other Pastors that GOD protects someones reputation and is inevitable and while they are being persecuted............... (but get this....) it had a purpose~and enduring it bring pastors an eternal reward.......... 

Really Wayne? even if they do wrong.......... hmmmmm, Really?  SICK!

Wayne Robertson says Baptist Pastors are getting persecuted, as they should when they have DONE WRONG!!!

              WE KNEW IT WAS COMING :) 

The below is From:

Wayne Robertson, pastor of Morningside Baptist Church in Valdosta, Ga., said pastors can experience God's protection when they are persecuted -- even though persecution of American ministers is vastly different than persecution of first-century believers.

"Because of our laws, we're not as prone to hear of people dying for their faith in this country," he said. "In our sophistication, we are far more prone to destroy a person's reputation, and there is more than one way of persecuting someone."

Preaching from John 16, Robertson said remaining faithful to God is the first key to experiencing protection amid attacks. In moments of mistreatment, remembering God's call to ministry will help pastors press on, he said.

"One of the things you need to review is, why are you in the work?" he said, adding, "There are some uncertain days that you stay in the work because God called you, and you have never forgotten the call God put on your life."

Jesus told His followers that persecution was inevitable, but He also said it had a purpose -- and enduring it brings pastors an eternal award, Robertson said.

"When you stand before [God] one day with everything that's been said against you, with every wrong you have had to face, with every time your eyes have cried tears, every time your heart has hurt, every time you've had brokenness -- those things are counting for something," Robertson said.

God will not only help persecuted pastors on the judgment day, he said, but the Holy Spirit comforts them in this life as well.

"When we have spoken to one another all we can speak, oh, get on your face," Robertson declared. "God will do something in your spirit that nobody else can do."

"[God] is not separated from your trial. He knows where you are. He knows what you're going through,"  Robertson said.

Compiled by T. Patrick Hudson, with reporting by Jerry Pierce, Jennifer Davis Rash, Karen Willoughby, Tim Ellsworth, Lonnike Wilkey, Joni B. Hannigan and David Roach.

Hey Wayne, YOU forgot to say that 

GOD also knows all those PASTORS 



ALL those who are PHARISEES 

within the ministry.........Oh my.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Morningside Pastor Wayne Robertson allegedly caught red handed Plagiarizing!

Pastor Wayne Robertson allegedly busted for Plagiarism of Red Stedman and others sermon materials plus... many other church ethics and financially related issues!

Morningside Baptist Church Pastor of 26+ years allegedly caught Plagiarizing at his church in Valdosta, Ga.  

         Definition of "Plagiarize" from Websters Dictionary:

transitive verb:
to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (another's production) without crediting the source

intransitive verb:
 to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source

From church members:

"Something's wrong when a man can "read" another man's sermon for 4 years near word-for-word, deceiving his flock, not doing the work he is supposed to do as a pastor (study to preach to his people), lie about it and the flock is THRASHED for talking about it. Not to mention that he was approached privately in January 2011 and did nothing to change."  

" I am a recovering brainwashed MBC Kool-Aid drunk. I was deceived for over 15 by Wayne Robertson and regime. I can remember time after time when music ministers and church members had a sin that was exposed how they were treated and then banished. There was no grace and mercy for them".

Will it ever be the same?  AND....Where did he get his DR. title?


" ah...the Grace house...that MBC built for Wayne and Beth's lavish life style....thank you MBC members for that...really...every member ought to go spend the night in the house they bought...did you know that years ago someone bought brand new furniture and donated it to Wayne for his church office?? It was over 10,000.00 dollars worth..for his "Church office"...well it was conveniently moved to the "Grace House" and 10,000.00 dollars worth of new furniture was bought for his office at the church...guess who paid for got it!!! Thanks MBC Tithers...and by the way..thanks for being sensitive to the spirit of Wayne when he gave all those sobbing stories from the pulpit that he was just not going to build his "Grace" house until he had his car paid off (thanks Tithers) and the lot completely paid for (again thanks Tithers) you really bought in ...hook line and sinker...but praise God...they have a wonderful "Grace " House to lavish........" Comment from Blog poster.

Mike Everson ~  the Spiritual Abuse pastor from the Georgia Baptist Convention whom we busted ~ and his buddy Gerald Harris  whom we busted too (  was busted for falsely publishing and forced to retract a story which stated  Mike Everson had graduated from 3 colleges and or seminaries when he had not  ) from the Christian Index propaganda paper and is the Editor. Both have run to his rescue, or is it to his "destruction?"........... Guess the DR. title really makes him special.   We have this current Southern Baptist Executive Committee member, former Georgia Baptist Conventions President and Administrations / Executive committee member  ( plus many more positions)  story. 

From an email : Gossip is WRONG, but calling SIN, SIN has never been wrong. It is one of the most loving things you can do to another brother/sister in the Lord." 

Everson, White, Harris, Robertson - some of the most powerful in GA. and we have busted them ALL.......If Baptist pastors don't have the backbone to expose bad apples and won't prune the vines, we will! ..........more exposing to come!
                Story coming in via Comments ~ read them!  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS), the ROOT of all Evil?

   3-1-2012:  We investigated and now report on:
 The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville Kentucky.
Is it the " ROOT " of ALL evil in 
Southern Baptist land? SGM Merger coming?

AS a start to our report go here and here for some background information.
Get ready Albert, all you 9Marks - Dever and Calvinism loving bunch....this is gonna be a rock'em ~ sock'em "CULTBUSTER" exposure for S U R E! 

PLUS: COMING SOON~ The new name for a destroyed and divided "Southern Baptist Convention?" 

It is..... 

 "Great Commission Baptist Convention"

Same Pharisees, Same Deceivers, Same Battles........
Same  D E S T R U C T I O N !!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trinity Baptist Church lead by Pastor Chad Everson and others to receive Lawsuit for alleged NEGLECTING MEMBERS SAFETY!

Trinity Baptist Church in Southaven Mississippi lead by Chad Everson, SON OF MIKE EVERSON AND BROTHER OF JARROD EVERSON, has had a lawsuit filed against several staff members and against the church for allegedly NEGLECTING CHURCH MEMBERS safety! A Choir member has been almost totally disabled for years and according to their attorney Robert Ramsey from the office of Huey Law Firm LLC  in Mobile Alabama the lawsuit has been filed this week for issues within this church against Chad Everson, Jeff Summers, Jon Rushing and Trinity Baptist in Southaven MS.! 

It is has been reported that the church and its insurance company only offered pennies on the dollar for said injuries, which was expectantly rejected!  Several past members and former acquaintances have reported that this is the " typical "  Everson tactic he uses to cover mistakes and that this is now the THIRD church in which he has destroyed as a Pastor!  But everyone who knows the Everson's expect them and all those Baptist Mafia supporters to     "deny, deny, deny " and to say things as stated in the past such as ~ and as usual ~ that

  " they did nothing wrong, its other peoples fault, and the lawsuit is of the devil! "

Think Chad Everson is pondering how his daddy will get him out of this mess? Will he try to run like his daddy Mike Everson ( The Ministerial Resource Consultant for the Georgia Baptist Convention overseeing 900+ churches in the Swamps of South Ga) and his brother Jarrod Everson ( Pastor at Deenwood Baptist Church in Waycross, Ga and EXPOSED PORN Viewer ) did to the Swamps of South Georgia?  

Chad Everson and his Staff from CHURCH Website: 43% of THIS CHURCH Staff are involved in a LAWSUIT!


*UPDATE #2 : JANUARY 27TH 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who is Gene Wolfenbarger? What is this building called "The Gathering" about?

Another Tennessee pastor alleged to be running a CULT?.........let's investigate, Gene Wolfenbarger in Sevierville TN. 

From a website POST:

" ...It has been almost a year and never has the church addressed the financial concerns of it's members. Sounds like they care about the people. I have never met another pastor that you have to talk to everyone else but he wont talk to you. He doesn't have time for his people, he doesn't care about anything other than your tithe and where it has been if you were not there. The Gathering Church is not about people, no where else can you email and call staff and have them ignore you and tell you repeated that they forgot, you do not forget about people if you are about THEM. truth is they are on eggshells constantly worrying about Gene Wolfenbarger. Gene Wolfenbarger is an overbearing man who demands things done for him. all this about a salary and Italian loafers, expensive cars and pools? Jesus walked as a humble man. A true servant, not demanding to be served. Jesus said i do not have a place to lay my head and Gene Wolfenbarger brags about how expensive his stuff is. Think about who Jesus was and is, is that anything like the pastor at the Gathering church in Sevierville? I think no. Is Gene wolfenbarger a man that resembles Jesus, I think no. Be careful following a man like that because you will become like what you follow. Please Dear God let them see the light before we have a community or narcissistic Gene Wolfenbargers walking around Sevierville. "

It has come to our attention that this man Gene Wolfenbarger may indeed be a "wolf" in sheeps clothing. We investigate, report and you decide.

Here are what some are saying about "The Gathering" on TOPIX:

Here are his sides of his ministry story and current twitter postings:

and what he says on twitter:

BUT.......We do know this already, Tennessee YOU have a problem!  He is great friends and / or followers of Ed Young, Ergun Caner, Eddie Long, T D Jakes, Albert Mohler, John Piper, Danny Akins, Ronnie Floyd, Oprah Winfrey, Tullian Tchividjian and many other known deceptive and "wolfs" within the ministry and beyond. Plus he calls himself a DR and our question is from which diploma mill?