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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who is Gene Wolfenbarger? What is this building called "The Gathering" about?

Another Tennessee pastor alleged to be running a CULT?.........let's investigate, Gene Wolfenbarger in Sevierville TN. 

From a website POST:

" ...It has been almost a year and never has the church addressed the financial concerns of it's members. Sounds like they care about the people. I have never met another pastor that you have to talk to everyone else but he wont talk to you. He doesn't have time for his people, he doesn't care about anything other than your tithe and where it has been if you were not there. The Gathering Church is not about people, no where else can you email and call staff and have them ignore you and tell you repeated that they forgot, you do not forget about people if you are about THEM. truth is they are on eggshells constantly worrying about Gene Wolfenbarger. Gene Wolfenbarger is an overbearing man who demands things done for him. all this about a salary and Italian loafers, expensive cars and pools? Jesus walked as a humble man. A true servant, not demanding to be served. Jesus said i do not have a place to lay my head and Gene Wolfenbarger brags about how expensive his stuff is. Think about who Jesus was and is, is that anything like the pastor at the Gathering church in Sevierville? I think no. Is Gene wolfenbarger a man that resembles Jesus, I think no. Be careful following a man like that because you will become like what you follow. Please Dear God let them see the light before we have a community or narcissistic Gene Wolfenbargers walking around Sevierville. "

It has come to our attention that this man Gene Wolfenbarger may indeed be a "wolf" in sheeps clothing. We investigate, report and you decide.

Here are what some are saying about "The Gathering" on TOPIX:

Here are his sides of his ministry story and current twitter postings:

and what he says on twitter:

BUT.......We do know this already, Tennessee YOU have a problem!  He is great friends and / or followers of Ed Young, Ergun Caner, Eddie Long, T D Jakes, Albert Mohler, John Piper, Danny Akins, Ronnie Floyd, Oprah Winfrey, Tullian Tchividjian and many other known deceptive and "wolfs" within the ministry and beyond. Plus he calls himself a DR and our question is from which diploma mill? 




Anonymous said...

Oh boy, this will be an eye opener!

Anonymous said...

Wolf in Sheeps clothing...for sure

Carolina Shepherd said...

Gee. Just what the world needs. Another anonymous blogger vomiting 3rd-hand misinformation, rumors & outright lies into the blogosphere. How original.

Anonymous said...

I like this site. If your worried about " Another anonymous blogger vomiting 3rd-hand misinformation, rumors & outright lies into the blogosphere."

Don't read it.

But as for me, I always do and always trust this source

terriergal said...

"He is great friends and / or followers of Ed Young, Ergun Caner, Eddie Long, T D Jakes, Albert Mohler, John Piper, Danny Akins, Ronnie Floyd, Oprah Winfrey, Tullian Tchividjian and many other known deceptive and "wolfs" within the ministry and beyond. "

Tullian? Albert Mohler? John Piper? WOLVES? They aren't ANYTHING like those other guys. I don't even like John Piper because of his Rick Warren associations but good grief... source material please?

Anonymous said...

All the preachers in Sevier County are questionable leaders says a bible study group in Seymour. Gene is a good friend with minister at Cove Church in Townsend.

Anonymous said...

And now his palace is owned by the bank and now he is the Majestic Theater. What a phony and con artist.

Anonymous said...

Where is the money he collected from all the millionaires that gave him money? If he had used the money to pay the mortgage the property would have been paid for. He will have more money now that he does not have the upkeep of the church. All the money he collects goes directly to his personal fund because he owns the church and answers to no one.

Anonymous said...

I knew Gene as a teen for several years. He was a scumbag then and apparently still is..

Anonymous said...

Nobody EVER saw the line items of the money spent. Well, except for a trusted few and then me and a friend after my friend hacked the quickbooks.

Trust me - it's bad. All of his meals, gas, expensive clothes, etc .. came out of the church's money. He spent thousands on designer shirts, shoes, belts that went under 'tv ministry' for the finance team but they never saw exactly what the money was spent on.

His wife received a salary as well and was barely there. Her 'assistant' did all of her work and she made more than most of the others on staff. At one point, his wife and two sisters were all in high level positions. That's where the money went.

Not to mention - he would have his old friends come and speak and pay them 10k ...

The best part is that his salary/house allowance was over 200k. Whenever he would have the books audited the would add services so that he could boost his numbers and validate his large salary to the auditors.

Don't even get me started about the emotion and spiritual abuse to his staff .. it was unreal.

Anonymous said...

Even his house with the hugh pool in Seymour is on the market. Wonder where is living now? How come his followers are so blind?

Tom weekley said...

The information contained in these blog comments are so cruel and inaccurate that I can't believe these people ever really knew Pastor Geneand Karen. He is a kind hearted man that wants to serve God in any way he can. He has a big heart and wants to change Sevier County for the better. His wife is the most caring, loving person one can imagine. They have two sons that are awesome young men and love God.

He started as a young pastor coming off the evangelistic field and had a lot to learn about being a pastor but has emerged as a true man of God that wants to serve God in any way God calls. Every pastor has detractors but it is important that we seperate fact from fiction. Go visit the Gathering an get to know the true man of God and the church that is marching to the orders God has given. Tom Weekley - retired pastor, evangelist and industrial chaplain.

Anonymous said...

Gene cheats on his lovely wife. Everyone knows that. lol

Joe SKILES said...

Proof? Anonymus

Anonymous said...

Gene spoke at my school (New Castle Baptist Academy) several times in the late 90's & early 00's.
Gene was very compelling and convincing, very charismatic. Gene would not rely on scripture for much of his messages, he would heavily rely on "stories". The stories would be fantastical; one example was a story about a young girl that was kidnapped by satanists because she was hanging around the wrong crowd. Gene was called to the scene by the cops to provide spiritual support for the victim. The scene, as described by Gene, was a broken down, boarded up house in the middle of nowhere. Gene went on to lead the young girl to the Lord.

His stories were so riveting to the ears of a child, but Gene was cocky.
Gene revealed to our youth pastor that his stories were not true and that the only reason he tells them is to bring children to Christ.
Whatever happens to using the Gospel to bring children to Christ?

Our youth pastor's son told a few of us about Gene's admission about his stories and told us he was full of crap.

Anonymous said...

Did the same thing in Texas. Ignorant weak people. Eye for an eye Gene.