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Thursday, August 23, 2012

REPOSTED: Pray's Mill Baptist Church officially confirms and admits to Mike Everson's Spiritual Abuse actions while he was Pastor!

Make sure you read both pages below C A R E F U L L Y and spread the word.

"If this makes you mad Everson's and all your disciples..... .....I'll be O.K." thanks Chad

Mike Everson exposed for Spiritual Abuse
In a service at Pray's Mill Baptist Church in Douglasville Georgia Sunday February 28th 2011 by the current pastor Josh Buice, Pastor Mike Everson, the former Pastor of Pray's Mill Baptist Church, Chairman of the Georgia Baptist Convention powerful Executive Committee, Interim Pastor of First Baptist Church in Hazlehurst GA., and current Ministerial Resource Consultant  - recently renamed Missionary to Southern Georgia - actions were condemned by the Deacons and current Pastor and Everson disciple, Josh Buice. Many Members who were Spiritually Abused at Pray's Mill during Mike Everson's tenure were officially apologized to and it was acknowledged that his actions were demonic like to each of the members one by one and it was officially announced that the actions against them by the former Pastor were in deed WRONG!   The service was built up as a reconciliation service, but was used to say that many former members were done wrong in the past by Mike Everson and his discipled Deacons and that this man and the church were sorry for their actions.

Word is that the only reason the service was agreed to to begin with was to shut down a couple of websites that were still being read and that were exposing past issues against Josh Buice, Ga Baptist Convention - Robert White and Gerald Harris, Pray's Mill, Chad Everson, Jarrod Everson, Clay Cox, Ric Blazi, David Barker, Mike Everson and many of their disciples. I am told that those sites may be going back up soon, very soon.

Deacons of Pray's Mill Baptist Church stated during many meetings that they were only    " following their Pastor" and his directions and instructions and were only doing as they were "told". There were many more situations of Mike Everson and his disciples Spiritually Abusing other members that we will report on later.  

I guess these kinds of actions are what the Calvinistic Baptist are now pushing when they say they want their churches to be " Pastor Lead - Pastor Fed. " In our view, Baptist churches, especially with this Georgia Baptist Convention "missionary" now overseeing 900+ churches in Middle and South Ga., are now becoming... " Cult Lead, Cult Fed "

Members, former members, Pastors, and leaders within the State of Ga. now all understand that the actions of this man against many members and their families was in error. MANY were appalled that Mike Everson was was so arrogant that he failed to even write an note, send an apology letter, or even attend the service.

Robert White speaks while his employee, Mike Everson ( back left ), sits in background.
Now, It is being reported that the Georgia Baptist Convention Executive Director Robert White spoke at a service at Prays' Mill the following Monday night  on "Missions".  CultBuster's question is............WHAT? You have got to be kidding me. A week after he (Josh Buice) apologizes - with stipulations which I will report on in a future post - he allows this man who has hired Mike Everson to " Consult  and Train " pastors in South Ga. area and now knowing that his actions were not Biblical, to speak at a service? Sounds like a slap in the face to those who were done wrong by these Pharisees. 

So a few days ago a disciple of Mike Everson, Josh Buice, apologizes for Spiritual Abuse by an employee of the Georgia Baptist Convention, and the next week they are patting the Spiritual Abuse harbormaster on the back. Hmmmm......

Sounds hypocritical and CULT like to me!    CULTBUSTER will have more to post later as there is more - much more -  to this story!  I question why this Pastor wants to keep an apology such a "private" matter when it is was done in a "public" setting and forum.  Hmmmmmm, I will also have much more to say on this "suhhhh" attitude and Josh Buice not wanting the service exposed to the Baptist world.  I have some of the real scoop so - Stay Tuned!

And so Trinity Baptist in Mississippi, Deenwood Baptist in Georgia,(JUST ADDED) MORNINGSIDE BAPTIST in Valdosta Ga, and ALL you South Georgia Pastors and Baptist members who are pushed by the Georgia Baptist Convention and others to listen and be under this deceptive man - there ya have it.....A church having to apologize for actions of an Everson. This should be a huge wake up call to your church because we all know that with the Everson's and his disciples it is..........


Like Father, Like Sons!

This Just in via email....It has been reported he was an Interim Pastor at First Baptist Church in Quitman GA. - but  he recently took a position of Interim Pastor at First Baptist Church in Hazlehurst Ga. Ya think someone needs to know this information in Hazlehurst GA. concerning Everson's history and legacy?  We do!
                   As of August 23rd, 2012 ...........

The worst part to date is, he has YET to apologize to any or all of those that he "Spiritually Abused" and fails to accept responsibility for HIS actions.  But he remain a consultant to other Pastors and tells them how to handle "conflicts." 

And the Georgia Baptist Convention wonders why their finances are so strained........Make sure your church STOPS giving their members hard earned CO-OP dollars to the G B C. Designate your tithes!! PAYCHECKS and their BENEFIT packages are the only thing they care about ~ supporting Spiritual Abusers and their buddies internally is now at 62% of budget.....   

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shhhhhh, Pastor Wayne Robertson quiets Morningside Baptist members to his alleged Plagiarism issue.


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So why has Morningside Baptist Church members and Wayne Robertson, former Georgia Baptist Convention and current GBC president John Waters nominator, ignored his PLAGIARISM issue? In the SECULAR world where anything goes, a media giant suspends a reporter for his cheating feat, but if you have a highly back patted flying decorated paid BAPTIST pastor within the Georgia Baptist Convention and Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee Member....shhhhhhh, Don't tell anyone or admit faults. Deny, Deny, Deny is the motto and fight song.

Is it all about the dollar and benefits? We think so! 

"This is the second journalistic integrity incident with which The New Yorker has been associated in the past two weeks, as contributor Jonah Lehrer resigned his position after being caught making up quotes in an upcoming book about Bob Dylan."

From Time management concerning his "Cheating".....
“TIME accepts Fareed’s apology, but what he did violates our own standards for our columnists, which is that their work must not only be factual but original; their views must not only be their own but their words as well. As a result, we are suspending Fareed’s column for a month, pending further review.”