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Thursday, August 23, 2012

REPOSTED: Pray's Mill Baptist Church officially confirms and admits to Mike Everson's Spiritual Abuse actions while he was Pastor!

Make sure you read both pages below C A R E F U L L Y and spread the word.

"If this makes you mad Everson's and all your disciples..... .....I'll be O.K." thanks Chad

Mike Everson exposed for Spiritual Abuse
In a service at Pray's Mill Baptist Church in Douglasville Georgia Sunday February 28th 2011 by the current pastor Josh Buice, Pastor Mike Everson, the former Pastor of Pray's Mill Baptist Church, Chairman of the Georgia Baptist Convention powerful Executive Committee, Interim Pastor of First Baptist Church in Hazlehurst GA., and current Ministerial Resource Consultant  - recently renamed Missionary to Southern Georgia - actions were condemned by the Deacons and current Pastor and Everson disciple, Josh Buice. Many Members who were Spiritually Abused at Pray's Mill during Mike Everson's tenure were officially apologized to and it was acknowledged that his actions were demonic like to each of the members one by one and it was officially announced that the actions against them by the former Pastor were in deed WRONG!   The service was built up as a reconciliation service, but was used to say that many former members were done wrong in the past by Mike Everson and his discipled Deacons and that this man and the church were sorry for their actions.

Word is that the only reason the service was agreed to to begin with was to shut down a couple of websites that were still being read and that were exposing past issues against Josh Buice, Ga Baptist Convention - Robert White and Gerald Harris, Pray's Mill, Chad Everson, Jarrod Everson, Clay Cox, Ric Blazi, David Barker, Mike Everson and many of their disciples. I am told that those sites may be going back up soon, very soon.

Deacons of Pray's Mill Baptist Church stated during many meetings that they were only    " following their Pastor" and his directions and instructions and were only doing as they were "told". There were many more situations of Mike Everson and his disciples Spiritually Abusing other members that we will report on later.  

I guess these kinds of actions are what the Calvinistic Baptist are now pushing when they say they want their churches to be " Pastor Lead - Pastor Fed. " In our view, Baptist churches, especially with this Georgia Baptist Convention "missionary" now overseeing 900+ churches in Middle and South Ga., are now becoming... " Cult Lead, Cult Fed "

Members, former members, Pastors, and leaders within the State of Ga. now all understand that the actions of this man against many members and their families was in error. MANY were appalled that Mike Everson was was so arrogant that he failed to even write an note, send an apology letter, or even attend the service.

Robert White speaks while his employee, Mike Everson ( back left ), sits in background.
Now, It is being reported that the Georgia Baptist Convention Executive Director Robert White spoke at a service at Prays' Mill the following Monday night  on "Missions".  CultBuster's question is............WHAT? You have got to be kidding me. A week after he (Josh Buice) apologizes - with stipulations which I will report on in a future post - he allows this man who has hired Mike Everson to " Consult  and Train " pastors in South Ga. area and now knowing that his actions were not Biblical, to speak at a service? Sounds like a slap in the face to those who were done wrong by these Pharisees. 

So a few days ago a disciple of Mike Everson, Josh Buice, apologizes for Spiritual Abuse by an employee of the Georgia Baptist Convention, and the next week they are patting the Spiritual Abuse harbormaster on the back. Hmmmm......

Sounds hypocritical and CULT like to me!    CULTBUSTER will have more to post later as there is more - much more -  to this story!  I question why this Pastor wants to keep an apology such a "private" matter when it is was done in a "public" setting and forum.  Hmmmmmm, I will also have much more to say on this "suhhhh" attitude and Josh Buice not wanting the service exposed to the Baptist world.  I have some of the real scoop so - Stay Tuned!

And so Trinity Baptist in Mississippi, Deenwood Baptist in Georgia,(JUST ADDED) MORNINGSIDE BAPTIST in Valdosta Ga, and ALL you South Georgia Pastors and Baptist members who are pushed by the Georgia Baptist Convention and others to listen and be under this deceptive man - there ya have it.....A church having to apologize for actions of an Everson. This should be a huge wake up call to your church because we all know that with the Everson's and his disciples it is..........


Like Father, Like Sons!

This Just in via email....It has been reported he was an Interim Pastor at First Baptist Church in Quitman GA. - but  he recently took a position of Interim Pastor at First Baptist Church in Hazlehurst Ga. Ya think someone needs to know this information in Hazlehurst GA. concerning Everson's history and legacy?  We do!
                   As of August 23rd, 2012 ...........

The worst part to date is, he has YET to apologize to any or all of those that he "Spiritually Abused" and fails to accept responsibility for HIS actions.  But he remain a consultant to other Pastors and tells them how to handle "conflicts." 

And the Georgia Baptist Convention wonders why their finances are so strained........Make sure your church STOPS giving their members hard earned CO-OP dollars to the G B C. Designate your tithes!! PAYCHECKS and their BENEFIT packages are the only thing they care about ~ supporting Spiritual Abusers and their buddies internally is now at 62% of budget.....   


Anonymous said...

WOW. Everson's and his bunch are busted!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

To ANON 9:53 PM Pray's Mill

I am not the owner, but I do know LAW.

No laws have been violated ie., all parties did not sign your "generic" letter and agree to "your" terms, and this document was not a legal court in which there is such an agreement.

You can't steal something if it was given to you.

Cults do this "Power" game you know.


Pray's Mill - Anon

I removed your comments because YOU exposed the family whom we wanted to protect.

Free Speech on this blog is welcome, but DO NOT slander and threat.

Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like Pray's Mill is at it again.

Watch out CultBuster, they will throw you out of this church.


Central said...

Looks like Josh Buice backstabbed his buddy Mike Everson and Robert White in an attempt to "shut down" some websites, while thinking he could slip under the radar his real motives and real intentions.


There ya have it folks, threats.

I would be mad too if I let documents like this float around.

Liar always try covering their tracks.

Nothing illegal done here, if you think so - bring it on. Free Speech in America is alive and well.

I would remind you of the case in Jacksonville Florida with Tom Rich, FBC Jacksonville, and those within his congregations and authorities who violated his 1st Amendment rights and were sued.

The only thing is, I will not settle for $50,000 like he did and I will NEVER back down from a liar such as you.

Watch your words little man, people are listening.

No laws have been violated!

Tom said...

Looks like those within the Baptist Mafia hate Free Speech CultBuster - except they better be careful as they may remove that 1st Amendment right / protections all by themselves and then that area where they speak now called a pulpit will be as limited as they want you to speak.

They love to spew hate speech against others, but turn those tables and its waaaa, waaaaa, waaaaa - I'm telling!

Arce said...

Any letter sent to a church or to a family by a church is only private by the agreement of the sender and the receivers. Failure to obtain agreement IN ADVANCE means that any receiver can freely release the letter without legal consequence to the receiver that shared the document or any who subsequently published it, except if there is an agreement with the sender to share it and it is libelous.

Anonymous said...


Your exactly right! You must have law knowledge beyond the norm.

I was about to post the same legal advice.

Mr Buice is barking up a tree he had better run from. Threats can be dealt with easily/

Anonymous said...

Great work Cult Buster. Wish I could get a hold of this kind of stuff and expose those that I know to be CULTS.

Dr Who said...

I told ya so.

The proof has now been exposed AGAIN concerning those deceivers in Georgia.

Baptist are such the fools for allowing men like these to even sit in the pews.


Do you really want them to know the truth who provided the copy for this site?

Nothing is stolen when someone makes you a copy and hands a copy to you, agreed?

If you want to come clean, you can post here all you want.

Curious said...

Who handed who a copy?

I wonder if it is a ploy or game these churches are playing to "boobytrap" or "setup" someone.

People, especially churches, do this kind of stuff you know. If they don't like you they will do anything to bring in the law to do the dirty work for them - but it usually backfires on those that use tax payer funds to make a point.

Anonymous said...

Some post have been deleted I assume.

Stunned or Am I said...

I Knew it! I knew Mike Everson was a mean S O B but I had NO idea he threw people out of the church he was suppose to be a "Minister" of and because they opposed his vote and his style ~ oh my.

Great post. How is this guy working at the Georgia Baptist Convention.

Are you people stupid?

I know said...

Mike Everson is a very EVIL man.

From what I know - and I do know - he has NEVER apologized for his actions against those with whom he Spiritually Abused while at Prays Mill Baptist Church - Never.

And he is allowed to represent the GBC as a "Missionary,"....

Mike Everson and Wayne Robertson are best buddies, so be careful.

That "Baptist Beware" list is very accurate too.

Anonymous said...

Everson needed to be it didn't though.

Anonymous said...

•Does your church tightly control the flow of information within its ranks?

•Does the head of your church, along with the other “leaders”, use public shaming as a method to gain the compliance of followers?

•Does the head of your church and his “fellow elders” appear to be intolerant or consider it evil persecution when criticized or questioned?

•Are you discouraged to associate with former members, being warned that they are "evil" or "defiling"; a “danger to your spiritual welfare”?

•Is leaving your church to join another church that “is not approved by your elders” equal to leaving God?

•Do you fear being rebuked, shunned, or ignored for expressing a different opinion?

•At church, is there a sense of control, rather than support?

•Is there a relentless obsession of reminding the sheep of “who’s in authority”?

•Are you told not to ask questions as to why others have left? Are you told to accept the statements that “your elders” give you?

•Are books, tapes and CD’s, speakers, music, etc., carefully controlled to keep only the belief structure of your church before your mind?

•Is there is a relentless campaign to keep you around the activities of your church, expecting you to be at all the stated meetings, except if providentially hindered? And if you are absent, is your spirituality and dedication sometimes questioned?

•Is the concept ever so subtly present that, “when you please the 'pastor', God is pleased and when your 'pastor' is not pleased with you, God is not pleased with you?"

•Is there present, the breaking of even the closest family ties, to “guard” the flock?

•Is there the constant using of guilt and shame as tools of control?

•Is there present at your church the encouragement of the members to spy and report on each other, lest sin be found in the midst?

•Is there present at your church the dominant climate of fear in the group – fear of failing to keep one of the rules, and fear of being held up to public humiliation and rejection?

•At church, are the normal lines between what is private and what is public knowledge broken, and members confess the most personal, and the most minor sins, as the conscience is being surrendered to the “leadership”?

•Are many (if not all) of the results from voting at "congregational business meetings"
announced as..... "it is unanimous!"?

•Is questioning condemned as "whispering, back- biting, vicious slander, gossip, nit picking, signs of a proud rebellious spirit, being disaffected and divisive?"

•Are those who dissent publicly punished? Are their reputations murdered by veiled, or not so veiled “revelations” of “sins”; past and present, as confidentiality is broken for the benefit of the leaders?

•Is there a misplaced loyalty from Jesus and God onto the leadership, which is idolatry?

•Is there harsh preaching and full of condemnation for your failures and are you deliberately being kept wounded and off balance by the haranguing and condemnation from the pulpit?

•Is “Persevere or be damned” and “listen to YOUR elders; obey YOUR elders”; "submit to YOUR elders" preached over and over again?

•Is paranoia the “very air you breathe”? Paranoia of falling from grace; thinking for yourselves; breaking the many unspoken rules as well as the clearly spelled out expectations of the leader?

•Are you becoming paranoid – carefully watching your every word and even gesture, lest someone report your faults?

•Does a code of silence reign at your church? Is no one to divulge the business of the church, or the faults of the leadership?

●Do the spiritual leaders at your church seem to give you the impression that either covertly or overtly, they have the right to tell you how you should manage your own family; presuming that they know your own family better than you know yourself?

Anonymous said...

When things are bad - in the preacher hood
Who ya gonna call?
They're abusing sheep - and that aint good
Who ya gonna call?

He aint afraid of no wolf
He aint afraid of no wolf

Anonymous said...

Check out how Mike Everson personally attacked and destroyed Shorter during his tenure at the G B C before he bacame an employee.

Robert White was his instigator.

Anonymous said...

hey why do you have Doug Pirkle's name blacked out??

Anonymous said...

This is the Property of Central Baptist Church!
Where DOUG PIRKLE JR is a Member.

Senior Pastor
Associate Pastor
Senior Adult Minister

Worship Minister
Minister of Education
Pastor of Sports & Rec.

Student Pastor
Middle School
Children’s Director

Preschool Director
Financial Secretary
Administrative Assistant

Publications Assistant
Student Min. Assist.
Sr. Adult Assistant

Education Secretary

Celebrate Recovery Dir.
Facilities Coordinator
Facilities Coordinator

Pastor: Steve McFall

Anonymous said...

Property? There are no rights to documents. Evidently someone gave this document to someone and it has been exposed.

Anyone with common sense knows this.

rom a Lawyer said...

Arce said...
Any letter sent to a church or to a family by a church is only private by the agreement of the sender and the receivers. Failure to obtain agreement IN ADVANCE means that any receiver can freely release the letter without legal consequence to the receiver that shared the document or any who subsequently published it, except if there is an agreement with the sender to share it and it is libelous.

X GBC X said...

Typical Baptist, trying to divert the facts and attention that Mike Everson Spiritually Abused members of his church.

Who gives a rip that the letter got out, I care about what the letter says which is a church member was done wrong and Prays Mill was forced to apologize.

You are barking up the wrong tree Mr Steve McFall. You should be focused on having Mike Everson removed as an employee of the Georgia Baptist Convention, not about someone posting the TRUTHS about your fake missionary representing South Ga.

Local Baptist Guy said...

The sad past is he never apologized for his actions. The facts can not be disputed if you can read this letter which clearly says he errored and harmed others. He is very lucky he has yet to receive a lawsuit.

The fact that Mike Everson is employed and working for the Georgia Baptist Convention - and laughingly doing "conflict resolution" support when he himself HAS NEVER resolved his own conflicts - may be one of the reason for the GBC decline in co-op dollars, members, and respect.

People do talk and can read, this is how I found out - others tols me to come here.

The letter is indisputable proof Mike Everson is a Spiritual Abuser.

PMC Member said...

To Hell with Mike Everson.

Stunned said...

I would hate to be Mike, Wayne and others when they die - especially Mike Everson. They have the blood of all they set out to destroy for various reasons on their hands and I would not want to be them when I die. These men are very hateful - especially Mike - and unforgiving men. If Mike Everson has yet to apologize to those whom he set out to destroy, I don't know for sure if they will BUT if my bible read right, he shall burn in Hell for eternity.

<< Jeremiah 23 >>
King James Version
1Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD.

2Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD.

3And I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries whither I have driven them, and will bring them again to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and increase.

4And I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them: and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking, saith the LORD.

Anonymous said...

Should these preachers have their stories told here as well?

Anonymous said...

Mike Everson was hired and now works for the Georgia Baptist Convention after this.

This letter should be grounds for his dismissal from the GBC, especially since it has been proven he has NO college degree and he lied or had others lie for him in the propaganda paper - the Christian Index - until Gerald Harris and J Robert White was busted and exposed for the deceptive articles supporting and lifting their buddy Mike Everson up.

The article is on the main page..

Are you STUPID GBC churches?

South Ga Baptist said...

Mike Everson has destroyed many more lives than he has converted.

His legacy is tainted and corrupt.

The letter above says it all and I am glad to read this about him as proof. It is well known it is not the first issue he has had with many others. If you suport him and the GBC, your stupid, especially after reading the letter which Prays Mill did NOT want to get out.

Thank YOU Cultbuster for posting.

Anonymous said...

Steve McFall the senior pastor of Central Baptist Church told me that this was stolen from his church. Doug and Tracy Pirkle would not appreciate this being put out on a public site, they are humble people. This is not anything that should be posted openly and its not any of your business. I was told that a guy named Doug took it from the church and gave it to cultbuster.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Ok, let's hear it. ANON. How do YOU KNOW Pirkle gave the letter to Doug, tell us....I am going to keep these comments up for awhile and see what transpires.

Just an FYI for all those that use others names to post falsely. In other words, I remove comments that are not posted by the original sources or as named. Don't post as someone else using their name.

You know who you are.

Eyes Wide Open said...

The facts remain the same. Mike Everson Spiritually Abused members of his church and this letter is proof. It makes sense that Pirkle was the one who passed out the letter, it was his letter and in America it is a free country to do whatever he wanted~ unless there was a signed agreement by all parties not to distribute ~ and there was not.

Thanks CultBuster for exposing Mike Everson for the man he is no matter where or who it came from.

Anonymous said...

Prays Mill was the disaster of all disasters for churches. Mike Everson should have NEVER been allowed to go to work for the Georgia Baptist Convention, NEVER.

He is the poster child for Spiritual Abusers.

Anonymous said...

anything new?

Google Mike said...

Just like most of the USA who have a blind eye toward Obama and his idiot ways and ignorant dictatorship , Church Members, Christians, and Baptist cheerleading people who know Mike Everson and all his disciples , continue to allow these fakes to continue manipulating them without holding them accountable.

You that listen to Mike, Chad, Wayne, Sam, Gerald, Robert, and those within the Baptist Mafia are just as stupid as those who support Obama and his Demo Rats.

Not Me said...

Mike Everson is an ASS just like those he runs with......

People are so stupid to follow or even listen to a word these guys say.

Just look at the Baptist Beware list and you will get an idea of who I speak of.

Not me,

Anonymous said...

Baptist are like Democrats, they turn their heads when truths are revealed about their men on stage and deny wrongs.

This man, along with many others on the Baptist Beware list cultbuster posted are a joke!

Mike Everson should be coaching , not working for the GBC.

GBC 2 said...

Mike finally got busted...about time that man got his just reward here on earth.

Mike and his GBC buds are such an embarrassment

Valdosta Topix reader said...

Great post.

I live here in Valdosta and thought there was something wrong at the church here in Valdosta but now I know the real truth about these men and their buddies, I am finished !!


Anonymous said...


Markskly said...

Mike Everson was hired and now works for the Georgia Baptist Convention after this. This letter should be grounds for his dismissal from the GBC, especially since it has been proven he has NO college degree and he lied or had others lie for him in the propaganda paper - the Christian Index - until Gerald Harris and J Robert White was busted and exposed for the deceptive articles supporting and lifting their buddy Mike Everson up. The article is on the main page.. Are you STUPID GBC churches?

Markskly said...

Mike Everson was hired and now works for the Georgia Baptist Convention after this. This letter should be grounds for his dismissal from the GBC, especially since it has been proven he has NO college degree and he lied or had others lie for him in the propaganda paper - the Christian Index - until Gerald Harris and J Robert White was busted and exposed for the deceptive articles supporting and lifting their buddy Mike Everson up. The article is on the main page.. Are you STUPID GBC churches?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To HELL with Mike Everson.

Anonymous said...

Nail his hide CultBuster like he wants to do to others....

Mike Everson was quoted in the Magazine Georgia Trend, that at the moment he’d be willing to let Shorter College part ways amicably with the GBC: “It’s not worth wasting money,” Everson says. “We could go on and pour our resources into schools that are glad to be Georgia Baptist. But if Schrader goes on and keeps playing his little games and goes after our money, we’ll come after him. And when we do, this time we’re going to nail his hide.” What kind of graceful and Christian attitude is that?

Ga Blogger said...

Mike Everson is a very lucky man.....
So is his disciples Morris Roper, CJ Ellis, and Tommy Hester.

That is all I have to say.

Right Mikey.

Anonymous said...

Now I read the truth. Thank you.

PMC Member said...

He still has not apologized to anyone for his deceptiona and lies at while Prays Mill or members he destroyed spiritually.

X Member said...

Just Google this and you'll see what this Pharisee is all about....

mike everson prays mill

Anonymous said...

Guys, I've been a Christian for about 48 years. My dad was a (SB, for first couple if years, then Independent)Baptist pastor for most of my life, and I can honestly say that he always - without fail - lived what he preached.
I've also been in a church, after I was on my own, where the pastor slept with, or molested, every female he could (church member, or not; old, young - even his own daughter - it didn't matter). When someone became suspicious - which was easy to do because he wasn't as secretive as one would think - he would act horribly offended, and indignant, and would say that they were trying to "hinder the work that God was doing, and attacking the 'Man of God'". He would call out the family of the "offending" person, have them stand, and call for a vote to throw them out. The vote ALWAYS went the way the pastor wanted. His own wife stood against him, once screaming out - in tge middle of his sermon - "-----, just how long do you think you can keep this up?!", and ran out of the church, sobbing.
He SEEMED so sincere, that - without solid proof - it was impossible to imagine that HE was the bad guy. The reason for that was that he was so self-delusional that he had HIMSELF convinced that he was doing no wrong.
When he was finally exposed (by a woman who was not a church member), he was unapologetic. He said that he had a "special gift", from God, to be able to "comfort", and "minister" to women. He is still stubbornly unrepentant, not to mention estranged from his family, to this day.
I shared that to illustrate that I've known a broad spectrum of preachers/pastors, with that guy being the worst, and my Dad being the best, so - while I have no idea what type of "spiritial abuse" these men have committed, I DO understand WHY you would set up a blog, like this.
I would just be a voice of warning to you: You know that our enemies are not flesh, and blood. If you go after actual "wolves in sheep's clothing", that's a good thing. But don't let the REAL enemies pull you into a trap, where you become obsessed with seeking vengence, or the destruction of those who may have hurt you. And above all, make SURE that you're doing this with a spirit of meekness (Gal.6)
I have to be honest, I don't get the impression that there's an over-abundance of "meekness" in what I'm reading, here. If you're purpose, here is to expose other's sins, you had better make VERY sure that your heart is right with God, and that you're harboring no sin in your own life, rebellion against God in your heart, or personal hatred against these individuals. If you are, you're inviting spiritual trouble, and judgement, on yourselves.
As I said, I don't know anybody here. It's just that I understand the extreme spiritual danger that will come about when we take it on ourselves to solve God's problems OUR way, or try to exact vengence. That belongs to the Most High, and it's never ours to exact. Just felt led to point that out, before getting back to what I was looking for, when I stumbled in here.