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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Morningside Pastor Wayne Robertson allegedly caught red handed Plagiarizing!

Pastor Wayne Robertson allegedly busted for Plagiarism of Red Stedman and others sermon materials plus... many other church ethics and financially related issues!

Morningside Baptist Church Pastor of 26+ years allegedly caught Plagiarizing at his church in Valdosta, Ga.  

         Definition of "Plagiarize" from Websters Dictionary:

transitive verb:
to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (another's production) without crediting the source

intransitive verb:
 to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source

From church members:

"Something's wrong when a man can "read" another man's sermon for 4 years near word-for-word, deceiving his flock, not doing the work he is supposed to do as a pastor (study to preach to his people), lie about it and the flock is THRASHED for talking about it. Not to mention that he was approached privately in January 2011 and did nothing to change."  

" I am a recovering brainwashed MBC Kool-Aid drunk. I was deceived for over 15 by Wayne Robertson and regime. I can remember time after time when music ministers and church members had a sin that was exposed how they were treated and then banished. There was no grace and mercy for them".

Will it ever be the same?  AND....Where did he get his DR. title?


" ah...the Grace house...that MBC built for Wayne and Beth's lavish life style....thank you MBC members for that...really...every member ought to go spend the night in the house they bought...did you know that years ago someone bought brand new furniture and donated it to Wayne for his church office?? It was over 10,000.00 dollars worth..for his "Church office"...well it was conveniently moved to the "Grace House" and 10,000.00 dollars worth of new furniture was bought for his office at the church...guess who paid for got it!!! Thanks MBC Tithers...and by the way..thanks for being sensitive to the spirit of Wayne when he gave all those sobbing stories from the pulpit that he was just not going to build his "Grace" house until he had his car paid off (thanks Tithers) and the lot completely paid for (again thanks Tithers) you really bought in ...hook line and sinker...but praise God...they have a wonderful "Grace " House to lavish........" Comment from Blog poster.

Mike Everson ~  the Spiritual Abuse pastor from the Georgia Baptist Convention whom we busted ~ and his buddy Gerald Harris  whom we busted too (  was busted for falsely publishing and forced to retract a story which stated  Mike Everson had graduated from 3 colleges and or seminaries when he had not  ) from the Christian Index propaganda paper and is the Editor. Both have run to his rescue, or is it to his "destruction?"........... Guess the DR. title really makes him special.   We have this current Southern Baptist Executive Committee member, former Georgia Baptist Conventions President and Administrations / Executive committee member  ( plus many more positions)  story. 

From an email : Gossip is WRONG, but calling SIN, SIN has never been wrong. It is one of the most loving things you can do to another brother/sister in the Lord." 

Everson, White, Harris, Robertson - some of the most powerful in GA. and we have busted them ALL.......If Baptist pastors don't have the backbone to expose bad apples and won't prune the vines, we will! ..........more exposing to come!
                Story coming in via Comments ~ read them!  


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Anonymous said...

If not, WHY NOT? It is amazing to me that anyone who is intelligent and who has a brain is still showing up and giving him their hard earned money.

Using someones else sermons and getting paid for it, what a religious racket.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I found this blog while looking for Wayne Robertson's name in order to email him to thank him for being used of God during the revival services at my church. God spoke through his annointed, Wayne Robertson. I am appalled at what I see here. I do not know the situation, but I do know that the Lord will protect his annointed. I beg of you, if you are indeed God's people (which I doubt) that you would very seriously consider what you are doing. I believe you are in jeapardy. This blog is NOT of God.

Anonymous said...

Your comment "which I doubt" speaks volumns. All the comments in this blog are not true. However it has been proven without any doubt that he preached another persons sermons, lied when confronted, then admitted to it. So for you to doubt the Christianity of over 200 people that have so far left this church is really a streatch, don't myou think?

Anonymous said...

Hey Annon from Sept 10:

I bet you would have a problem with Elijah when he exposed the false prophets of Baal too, right. I bet you would have doubts if Jesus were "of God" when he rebuked the religious leaders of His day for extorting money from the people and being hypocrits. You said yourself that you do not know the situation, so why comment about something you know nothing about. So what is God used Wayne? He used a dumb ass on an occasion - you think that ass should be places in the southern baptist hall of fame or something?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you know what this page is? It's beingb informed up to a certain extent. Now it's just gossip. All of these comments? All of the prostitution ring comments? That's all gossip. It saddens me to the point that THIS is the reason I REFUSE to go to Church. I am a God-Loving woman. I am a God-Fearing woman. I know that I will be brough upon my Father and judged at some point. However, do I really want to come sit in a church with a bunch of skeeving hypocrit gossips? NO! Thank you for making it quite clear why we have no hope. Thank you for making it quite clear as to whether I would prefer to sit at home and read my Bible and KNOW that God understands the reasonings behind my actions.

If you want to delete this, you go right ahead, but before you do, you make sure you know how right I am.

Half of the people in the world don't even believe in God anymore. And what reason do we as Christians give them to believe in him? We are failing our Lord, people. WE ARE FAILING HIM!

Let it be known in front of his congregation what he has done, him and his followers, and then let it be a group decision to what is to be done. DO NOT sit here and scold the man in public. For, it is not that publics decision if they do not attend MBC. This is a battle between his congregation and God. KEEP IT THAT WAY!

God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Jesus rebuked the religious leaders of His day in public, didn't he? Read Matthew 23, where Jesus rebuked them in PUBLIC. I don't blame you for not going to church though. I would stay home, keep MY money, read Ray Stedman for myself, and cut out the middle man too. Better than Ray Stedman though, just keep reading the bible.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? God doesn't exist. The church only wants your money. If you go to any church anywhere, you are brainwashed.

Anonymous said...

I care, and atheists don't exist.
You're right, the religious themed businesses that call themselves "the church" only want our money, and if you go to them you probably will be brainwashed.

That said, Jesus Christ is Lord.

sammy l. reaves said...

Mike Everson was trained under Pastor Gary Folds , i believe. He even drove one of those BIG ORANGE CHURCH BUSES that morningside HAD. the GROUP OF real men , WHO DROVE THEM WERE REAL SERVANTS OF GOD .
I am glad to have known MIKES work back then , and I would hate to think that He has changed.
NOW , I have a question for You, What other sin don't you think that Mike cannot be forgiven for? We all have sinned and fallen short of the GLORY of GOD. sammy reaves , pastor First Baptist church , Clyattville ga.

Anonymous said...

Well...I'm a former Morningsider myself. I'd have to say that some of this comes as a surprise, but alot of it doesn't. The devil attacks good people. I was there during the years when both of the music ministers got canned for doing wrong. That was legit I suppose, but the men were humiliated, their families humiliated. I've seen countless other members humiliated, and I did wonder if it was voluntary. Use to be, that if you were found doing "wrong", men from the church would come to you where you are and deal with you. I remember certain families running the church. I did say that and I hope I will not be deleted. When those same families had power and influence, the pastor was at their beck and call. Guess it stinks now that your creation overgrew your control. One thing to ponder is that when I was a youth, the children of these members ran the youth group. They dictated how things went, not the youth minister. Have you people ever considered how many you have turned away by your actions? Just thoughts to ponder. I'm not done with this...but I have to collect myself because this has brought up some bad memories.

I know Mike said...

Hey Sammy,

Contact Prays Mill former members if you really want to know. Here is just a few to start with:

Doug Pirkle
Doug Pirkle Jr
Tracey Pirkle
Linda Dupree
Jim Messer
Doug Pittman
Gary Watts
Sue Nantz
Ray Martin
....and hundreds more if you want them - just ask.

Need more ? Let me know.

He is a real P O S and has all you fooled. His testimony is done.

Anonymous said...

I sure am gonna miss laughing at Johnboy talking to the devil in the name of his pastors authority! LOL!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

still at it i see, after awhile it seems that you would give Bro. Wayne a break, but you have a lot of bulldog in you.GOD loves You and Bro. Wayne , but I can tell You this , You Strive for gossip. PRAY FOR THIS MAN AND I WILL PRAY FOR YOU. sammy@CFBC


My question for all those who follow and protect these men and their CULTS?

Why just drink the Kool-Aid when you can swim in it?

Ya'll are sick! Yeah, you too Sammy Reaves.

Anonymous said...

1. "Ask Jesus into our heart" is not in the Bible. Neither is "Give your heart to the Lord", or repeating a "sinner's prayer". These practices do not exist in Scripture at all. The subject of salvation is the most important subject in the Bible and we are being lied to about it. These doctrines are a total fabrication. They were invented to make salvation "quick and convenient". Many church members today who are relying on these things are clearly not 'saved' at all.

2. Church buildings do not exist in the Bible. They were invented around 200-300 AD, when the church was in serious decline. Only a backslidden church could fall so far away from the simplicity of the early church. Church buildings are anti-New Testament, and bring with them a host of problems and traditions. It was basically when the church fell into the hands of Rome that this concept of the "cathedral" really took over. And we are still spending millions on these monuments today.

3. The "one pastor runs everything" model is totally unscriptural. Far from running everything, in the book of Acts we find the word "pastor" NOT EVEN USED ONCE. (-The early church did have strong leaders and elders. But it was never a "one man band" like we see today. And never was it so "controlling" either).

4. "Tithing" is not a New Testament practice at all. And it is being shamefully abused by today's preachers. In the New Testament we are told to give cheerfully - whatever we purpose in our hearts to give. Telling people that they MUST give 10% to the church or they are "robbing God" is totally sick - and a money-grubbing way of twisting Scripture. There is no evidence that the apostles EVER preached 'tithing' to New Testament believers. It was clearly regarded as an Old Testament practice.

5. The words "prosper" or 'prosperity' were NEVER used by Jesus at all - and only exist a couple of times in the entire New Testament. Yet greedy preachers have built whole kingdoms upon them. The words - "sell what you have and give to the poor" and "deceitfulness of riches" and "you cannot serve God and mammon" and "woe to you that are rich" were DEFINITELY used by Jesus and the apostles. But we don't hear these things preached too much, do we?

Anonymous said...

6. There were no Bible Colleges, Seminaries or degrees in the New Testament. The only people who seemed to have "Bible Schools" were the Scribes and Pharisees! The apostles were simple fishermen and tax collectors. It is likely that a number of them could not even read or write. What was their "qualification" for being in the ministry? Simply that they had SPENT A LOT OF TIME WITH JESUS. The fact that people expect a "professional clergy" today with degrees from Bible College has helped to make the church sicker and more unscriptural than ever. Simple humble people with a calling from God often cannot get to minister because they do not have a "piece of paper" to make them 'qualified'. -Yet another disaster for the church.

7. There is almost no evidence whatsoever that the early church had their "main meeting" on a Sunday. They gathered together 'from house to house' virtually every day! There were no church buildings. They did not dress up and "go to church". There were no denominations. There were no separate groups with different 'labels'. They lived their lives together - all the Christians in the local area. Love and fellowship and 'koinonia' were as natural to them as breathing. And the apostles in Jerusalem preached every day at huge open-air gatherings. -Not "hidden away" inside four walls. This was truly a "street church" in every way.

8. The idea that you can replace the moving of the Holy Spirit with programs, programs and more programs just shows how low we have sunk. Man-made programs are everywhere today. The early church had much more of God and much less of 'man'.

Ex mbc member said...

Hey.. I was member when all this happened and I left for different reasons.. But do any us feel bad about excummincating the lesbian girl under "church discipline"? I don't have any need for gays in my life but when teaching Sunday a few weeks again and I read of the words from Jesus "he without sin cast the first stone" I thought back to that day pastor and brother jacko opened a business meeting right before the lords supper.. And pastor spoke about the lords supper as a time of cleansing..

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