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Friday, August 10, 2012

Shhhhhh, Pastor Wayne Robertson quiets Morningside Baptist members to his alleged Plagiarism issue.


For Past articles on Wayne's issue go here and here

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So why has Morningside Baptist Church members and Wayne Robertson, former Georgia Baptist Convention and current GBC president John Waters nominator, ignored his PLAGIARISM issue? In the SECULAR world where anything goes, a media giant suspends a reporter for his cheating feat, but if you have a highly back patted flying decorated paid BAPTIST pastor within the Georgia Baptist Convention and Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee Member....shhhhhhh, Don't tell anyone or admit faults. Deny, Deny, Deny is the motto and fight song.

Is it all about the dollar and benefits? We think so! 

"This is the second journalistic integrity incident with which The New Yorker has been associated in the past two weeks, as contributor Jonah Lehrer resigned his position after being caught making up quotes in an upcoming book about Bob Dylan."

From Time management concerning his "Cheating".....
“TIME accepts Fareed’s apology, but what he did violates our own standards for our columnists, which is that their work must not only be factual but original; their views must not only be their own but their words as well. As a result, we are suspending Fareed’s column for a month, pending further review.”



Anonymous said...

Amazing. Simply amazing.

Member said...

Make him resign or fire him!

Does Matter said...

Usually I don't speak about local church matters, but this is Not considered a local church matter. He has spoken in may revivals and conferences and I too am very upset that I gave him one red cent while copying others sermons.

Lord helps us. I will NOT ever hear him again and I will use my influence to expose this to others.

Curious 1 said...

Is he a 9Marks, into Calvinism, or Calvinist?

Just curious

Anonymous said...

Something is just not right when a so called man of god copies others materials and words and gets away with plagiarism and the church leadership gives him a free pass, but when a journalist does it he is punished severely by being suspended or fired by his employer.

I wonder if the reporter from CNN got a month sabbatical or a paid month vacation.......

Get some balls Morningside members and leadership!!! YOU have embarrassed Christ and his Kingdom.

To bad Joe Paterno did not have you on Penn States leadership committee, he and his coach molester would still be on staff.

Forgiveness is one thing, IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY is another!

Anonymous said...

Members are thinking, we have spineless leadership and deacons.

Anonymous said...

•Does your church tightly control the flow of information within its ranks?

•Does the head of your church, along with the other “leaders”, use public shaming as a method to gain the compliance of followers?

•Does the head of your church and his “fellow elders” appear to be intolerant or consider it evil persecution when criticized or questioned?

•Are you discouraged to associate with former members, being warned that they are "evil" or "defiling"; a “danger to your spiritual welfare”?

•Is leaving your church to join another church that “is not approved by your elders” equal to leaving God?

•Do you fear being rebuked, shunned, or ignored for expressing a different opinion?

•At church, is there a sense of control, rather than support?

•Is there a relentless obsession of reminding the sheep of “who’s in authority”?

•Are you told not to ask questions as to why others have left? Are you told to accept the statements that “your elders” give you?

•Are books, tapes and CD’s, speakers, music, etc., carefully controlled to keep only the belief structure of your church before your mind?

•Is there is a relentless campaign to keep you around the activities of your church, expecting you to be at all the stated meetings, except if providentially hindered? And if you are absent, is your spirituality and dedication sometimes questioned?

•Is the concept ever so subtly present that, “when you please the 'pastor', God is pleased and when your 'pastor' is not pleased with you, God is not pleased with you?"

•Is there present, the breaking of even the closest family ties, to “guard” the flock?

•Is there the constant using of guilt and shame as tools of control?

•Is there present at your church the encouragement of the members to spy and report on each other, lest sin be found in the midst?

•Is there present at your church the dominant climate of fear in the group – fear of failing to keep one of the rules, and fear of being held up to public humiliation and rejection?

•At church, are the normal lines between what is private and what is public knowledge broken, and members confess the most personal, and the most minor sins, as the conscience is being surrendered to the “leadership”?

•Are many (if not all) of the results from voting at "congregational business meetings"
announced as..... "it is unanimous!"?

•Is questioning condemned as "whispering, back- biting, vicious slander, gossip, nit picking, signs of a proud rebellious spirit, being disaffected and divisive?"

•Are those who dissent publicly punished? Are their reputations murdered by veiled, or not so veiled “revelations” of “sins”; past and present, as confidentiality is broken for the benefit of the leaders?

•Is there a misplaced loyalty from Jesus and God onto the leadership, which is idolatry?

•Is there harsh preaching and full of condemnation for your failures and are you deliberately being kept wounded and off balance by the haranguing and condemnation from the pulpit?

•Is “Persevere or be damned” and “listen to YOUR elders; obey YOUR elders”; "submit to YOUR elders" preached over and over again?

•Is paranoia the “very air you breathe”? Paranoia of falling from grace; thinking for yourselves; breaking the many unspoken rules as well as the clearly spelled out expectations of the leader?

•Are you becoming paranoid – carefully watching your every word and even gesture, lest someone report your faults?

•Does a code of silence reign at your church? Is no one to divulge the business of the church, or the faults of the leadership?

●Do the spiritual leaders at your church seem to give you the impression that either covertly or overtly, they have the right to tell you how you should manage your own family; presuming that they know your own family better than you know yourself?

Anonymous said...


If you answered "no" to all of the above questions, your church is relatively healthy. If you answered "yes" to a quarter or more, your church is showing signs of being unhealthy. If you answered "yes" to half or more, your church is very, very unhealthy. If you answered "yes" to three-quarters or more,
your church is an authoritarian cult.

Anonymous said...


Noem Well said...

Why I left and do not attend the Baptist church and faith.

Baptist have blown it. I do go to a church, but NOT a Baptist one - Never again.

Anonymous said...

This is from a current member at MSB. Approx 250 mbrs have left. Four deacons refused to sign some type of agreement to blindly support paster w/o accountability and they refused and resigned. Also understand one has to sign some kind of agreement to be in the choir or teach sunday scol. Sounds legalistic. Mbrs told to report to elders anyone encouraging anyone to leave and not to read this blog. Finances mno longer posted. All those that left were trouble makers anyway. Guess that leaves only the 'yes' men. Understand the church cannot fire him? Nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

Sign a pledge? Doesn't the Bible say not to do that? Hasn't Jesus said, let your yes be yes and your no be no? Doesn't 1st Peter chapter 5 say for elders not to lord over, or have authority over God's heritage?

A Georgia Blogger 2 said...

Typical Baptist Mafia tactics.

I don't know if Mike Everson is the ringleader of this bunch or Wayne Robertson is, but either way, Morningside Baptist Church is Cult lead and Cult fed in more ways than one.

Prays Mill Baptist Church has been an example set right in front of them for years and has a history of Spiritual Abuse by Mike Everson. Mike Everson runs with some real shady characters and has some kind of legacy. Read this blogs names or Who's Who under Baptist Beware list and post and you'll see a pattern with all these men which is they are men followers and power hungry. If you allow a man to force signatures - and Mike did the same thing at Prays Mill - he is telling you he is into legalism and CALVINISM. These are Calvinist traits for sure.

IS Wayne Robertson and his buds Calvinist? we think so...

Come on Wayne come out of that closet.....or do you need a Georgia Resolution to make ya feel better too?

PMC Member said...

It is going to take someone bold like Doug at Prays Mill Baptist Church to get this man exposed. He took a stand and went nose to nose with Mike Everson and exposed him on his website and used his name on the website. It is then when we really woke up and the the membership finally saw him for what he was. It got him out of our hair and forced him to resign and leave our church. Expose Wayne for what he has done and what he is doing and have someone with a spine go nose to nose with Wayne and his disciple.

You'll be glad you did and the church can then begin to heal. We still have a disciple of Mike here, but we see right through him - well most of us!

Pack Rats Exposer said...

And don't forget Billy W. at Madison Street Baptist in Starke Florida who also took a stand against Mike Everson's son Chad Everson.

Chad Everson is as bad as it gets and Wayne Robertson runs with all them that have pack rat ministries.

New term for ya CultBuster -Pack Rat ministry.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Mike Everson is sticking his nose around Valdosta, apparently he has advised another local church to fire there pastor...Can someone explain to me how he can advise another church to fire there pastor while he attends a church where the pastor is an admitted plagiarist??

Anonymous said...

Because no one has the guts in Valdosta to tell him to SHUT UP. Mike Everson is a very EVIL man who is going to HELL along with all his disciples and supporters.

Expose them right here.

Anonymous said...

Mike Everson is an exposed Spiritual Abuser, so like minds think alike.

Surely, You have seen this?

Anonymous said... are wrong...there are those that have the guts...he has already been exposed to those that matter...

MBC member said...

Exposed by whom then? Name names. No one here at Morningside Baptist has done anything like a website or blog.

Unless Cultbuster is a member, hmmmmmm could that be?


What is worse for a Pastor than plagiarism?

Permanent dismissal seems appropriate.

Wayne is at least a decent Georgia Baptist Convention propagandist, ( like his pal Gerald Harris at the Christian Index ) too bad nobody likes him or listens to anything he says anymore but his Demonic Deacons disciples and the likes such as Mike, Sam, Bill, and well you get the picture.

Sinking sand is where Morningside Baptist is stationed at this moment in its history.

Fire the man.

Anonymous said...

It is almost football season so all will be forgotten soon as they sweep this under the rug.

Or will it?


Who is " Nelson Grist? " Uh Oh, here we go again....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Question: When has a preacher crossed the line into plagiarism in his sermon?

D. A. Carson:

First: Taking over another sermon and preaching it as if it were yours is always and unequivocally wrong, and if you do it you should resign or be fired immediately. The wickedness is along at least three axes: (1) You are stealing. (2) You are deceiving the people to whom you are preaching. (3) Perhaps worst, you are not devoting yourself to the study of the Bible to the end that God’s truth captures you, molds you, makes you a man of God, and equips you to speak for him. If preaching is God’s truth through human personality (so Phillips Brooks), then serving as nothing more than a kind of organic recording device in playback mode does not qualify. Incidentally, changing a few words here and there in someone else’s work does not let you off the hook; re-telling personal experiences as if they were yours when they were not makes the offense all the uglier. That this offense is easy to commit because of the availability of source material in the digital age does not lessen its wickedness, any more than the ready availability of porn in the digital age does not turn pornography into a virtue. (Occasionally preachers have preached a famous sermon from another preacher, carefully noting their source. That should be done, at most, only very occasionally, but there is no evil in it.)

Anonymous said...

Plagiarism should be examined in the messages of every pastor that you ever listen to. How do you check for it? Record his sermon on your phone if you need to. Then go home and find some key points to the sermon. Google it, and it might lead you to a site like, where you find a very closely matched sermon.
Then you can see how much your pastor actually struggled with his message, or if he just copied one off of the internet.
Every member of any local fellowship should be doing this, because I know for a fact that many pastors do this.

Anonymous said...

Twenty Characteristics of the Ideal Church by Wade Burleson

(1). The ideal church is full of people who believe the ministries of the church are important, but refuse to place church ministries on par with the kingdom of God, because...

(2). The ideal church believes Christ's reign in the hearts of His people is far more important than any and all church ministries.

(3). The ideal church has caring shepherds who empower gifted people to serve in the kingdom rather than church professionals who manipulate guilty people to give to the church.

(4). The ideal church resists the urge to spiritualize those things associated with the church because of the knowledge that Christ is King over the totality of life, which means...

(5). The ideal church believes the worship center is no more important than the workplace, the Sunday morning (or evening) corporate worship time is no more important than Tuesday morning (or evening) family time, and the ideal church knows that God is as pleased with His people away from the church meetings as He is with them in the church meetings.

(6). The ideal church has a budget that arises out a desire to advance the kingdom. Church leaders will refrain from threatening members who don't give to the church because there is a great trust that the Holy Spirit will always stir His people to give in order to adequately meet the needs of Christ's kingdom. If the church budget falls short, then a reevaluation of whether or not kingdom work is actually being done in the church needs to take place.

(7). The ideal church has paid staff who see themselves as people who serve instead of professionals who are served.

(8). The ideal church will constantly ask the question, "Why are we doing what we are doing?"

(9). The ideal church will have worship services that are designed for worshippers to encounter God through singing to Him, learning of Him, resting in Him, and being empowered by Him. As a result, the ideal church will have members who learn by experience that corporate worship is nothing more than the overflow of one's personal worship, because...

(10). The ideal church understands the importance of reality over perception. People in an ideal church are more concerned with who they are rather than how they are perceived, and as a result...

Anonymous said...

(11). The ideal church is transparent in all its transactions, sincere in all its statements, and real in all its relationships.

(12). The ideal church is not afraid to change because change occurs for the purpose of the church being a better instrument to reach people for the kingdom.

(13). The ideal church will fellowship around the very limited essentials of the faith (the Person of Christ and salvation by grace through faith), and grant members freedom to hold and teach diverse views on secondary and tertiery doctrines.

(14). The ideal church is characterized by love for people--all kinds of people--and that love is seen in its emphasis on missions, mercy ministries, and the care and support of members in need.

(15). The ideal church has a well-written constitution that is kept up-to-date and followed closely in all business matters, but the church is known by those in the community for its grace and freedom.

(16). The ideal church will rejoice when other churches grow, and will hurt when other churches hurt, because the ideal church realizes that all believers, regardless of the church to which they belong, compose the kingdom of God and we are one family with Christ as our Head.

(17). The ideal church will have servants who lead others not because of their gender, socio-economic status, or race, but because the servant/leaders have been gifted and empowered by God to serve, anointed by the Spirit in their service, and have given evidence to the church of their love for people.

(18). The ideal church understands that sin is more about one's nature than it is one's actions; authority is more about one's gifted service than it is one's titular status, and truth is more about Christ in one's life than it is words in one's mind.

(19). The ideal church cares more about building relationships and seeing lives transformed than the number of people who are baptized; in other words, baptisms are not a number to be dutily obtained by an identification of lives truly changed.

(20). The ideal church doesn't desire to be like all other churches, but allows the Spirit of God to create a unique and effective personality that reflects who He is in the lives of His people in that local church. Cookie-cutters may be good for baking, but they make lousy churches.

Anonymous said...

Those within the BAPTIST MAFIA do no like Wade B. for sure because he speaks truths about them.

Anonymous said...

Those within the BAPTIST MAFIA do not like Wade B. for sure because he speaks truths about them.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new!!!!

Anonymous said...

To HELL with Wayne Robertson!

Jonathan Stokes said...

Former Member of MSB: First let me say I am sad to hear of this - and I am a former member at this point.

Pastor Wayne - I am praying for you and your congregation.

Morningside - I mean this with all my heart and it may come out mean/rude === The members here are some of the most judgmental people you will ever meet. Fall out of grace with them and you never get back in! This is the main reason I left.

I have since left the Baptist denomination - and I cannot tell you the freedom and joy that comes from doing so. Now that I am in a different denomination I see that the Baptist do not have it all right (even though they think they do, and there isn't any denomination that has it fully right).

I hate to hear of churches splitting and people leaving. So much has appeared to change since I have left, and it isn't the same church I grew up in. That is sad.